WhatsApp gave this information only in January. The company says that only a few months are left and if the users do not accept the new policy, then they will lose access to all the features.

On the other hand, the Parliamentary Committee summoned the officials of Internet media giant Facebook and Twitter on 21 January.

Ever since it announced the new policy in early January, there was confusion over whether this means parent company Facebook, which has been facing some trust deficit globally, will get to access user messages.

First of all, let us see what changes made by WhatsApp that talkedw about affecting privacy. WhatsApp expects its users to agree to the new Terms of Service and if someone does not do so by February 8.

Messaging app WhatsApp has updated its terms and privacy policy and its notification is being given gradually to users from Tuesday evening in India.

WhatsApp has also informed that HDFC Bank and SBI Banks can be employed to purchase Sacred Sized Insurance Policy.

WhatsApp keeps launching many new features for its users on the coming day. WhatsApp brought the Disappearing Message feature to its platform earlier this month.

With its help, users will be able to pay on the platform along with chatting. The Facebook owned company announced that users are getting the new feature on both Android and iOS platforms.