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Shilpa recently wrapped up shooting "Nikamma". She is all set to return to films after 13 years with two releases, "Hungama 2" and "Nikamma".

Gurudwaras are decked up and the festive fervour can be seen as devotees offer prayers in huge numbers. However, this time due to the pandemic, things are different.

Like your skin, our lips also need moisture. Let me tell you that to make the cracked lips smooth again, consume as much water as possible, eat fruits and vegetables along with it.

After the lunar eclipse of November 30, there will be only one celestial event this year. A solar eclipse expected to occur on December 14.

The Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize was founded in 2018 by US-based publisher Bundalo as a platform for world peace, literature, art, education and human rights.

Mushrooms are said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits as well, especially thanks to the beta-glucans they contain.

Today let's talk about what food is good for health to avoid flu in winter. At this time people are insisting on keeping their body immunity strong during the time of Corona.

Neither coronavirus nor Covid-19 appeared among the words that Cambridge Dictionary users searched for most this year.