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If you are a fan of curd, you can make simple one-pot yoghurt at home. It will not only help curb your sugar cravings but also keep your gut healthy.

Teas and herbs are believed to be abounding with healing properties, do not have side effects and are known to be entirely safe.

Add the excitement and make the experience of watching IPL after a long day of work (from home) even more special and delightful with a potato snack.

How about beginning the week with one such recipe — a spicy chutney full of vitamin C? Pilates trainer Radhika Karle shared this easy recipe of Tomato and Bell Pepper chutney.

You can turn the good-old protein source of rajma or kidney beans into a flavourful snack of tikkis that would make a special weekend affair.

Silk powder is believed to be produced from high-quality silk. It also contains a skin-benefiting agent called the ‘fibroin protein’.

Ditch cakes made with plain flour or maida for this simple recipe from Shivesh Bhatia who whipped up chocolate rose cake with the choicest of gluten-free ingredients.

If you are looking for healthy recipes, you must try this easy soup preparation shared by aspiring Ayurvedic chef Amrita Kaur on social media.