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While sipping over this refreshed drink, have you ever given a thought of the various benefits we can reap from a single cup of coffee? If not, its time to gaze over these heavenly benefits

A higher amount of screen time -- which may involve gaming, or watching TV -- before bedtime may not have a direct impact on young people's mental health, contrary to popular belief, scientists say.

Though it's not easy to treat cough or cold at home without anti-biotics; you can get some relief by trying these mentioned remedies

Consuming the water from a copper vessel will keep you fresh and free from harmful bacteria that can deteriorate your health. Drinking water from it twice or thrice a day is more than sufficient to reap the best benefits. Here are few benefits of drinking water from the copper vessel.

There Are, however, various individuals who are under-weight and look on to certain tips that can help them in increasing their weight. In case you are one of them...

Organised by the World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation, this week is a celebration of both homeopaths and those who have been healed with homeopathy. 

Summers bring with it a good time as you can get out of those boring sweaters and switch on to skirts and jumpsuits. The hot summer sun, however, doesn’t show any mercy and dries out everything in its way, hair included.

The nine-day Navratri fasting is the best time to lose weight and detox your body. People from the northern and western India are gearing up for the 9 day Navratri celebration.