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We can serve ousleves on the street foods not for so long. Why not make the exactly finger-lickning recipe in our kitchens? Here is the recipe of heavenly flavoured Raj Kachori.

In this scorching heat, most of us prefer light and njot too oily snack. Rava appam is one of them. It has always been the most popular and favorite snack for breakfast. It not only makes a perfect breakfast but is healthy to eat too. Very less oil is used to prepare these appams and one can make them within minutes. So lets begin preparing this these tempting appams.

But what if you get sudden cravings and you run short of these items? Dont stop yourself. Newstrack brings to you this quick hack to dive iunto your favourite snack.

Often on our birthdays or some other events, we recieve immense amounts of chocolates and darker variations too. Now what to do with that big bar? Here, Newstrack brings to you this delicious dark chocolate cake.

It has always remained a myth that health and taste are two parallel structures that can never be taken together. Here, Newstrack brings to you this easy, delicious and healthy recipe which can be enjoyed at any time of the hour and is also a cure for your late night cravings. 

Mumbai: One thing what comes to mind when you think about the seductress Poonam Pandey is her curves and she never hesitates to flash them! In line with the same, the scintillating beauty has uploaded her ‘uncensored’ dirty videos which can give you a wet ride to the fantasy land. Poonam, this time, has even …

While sipping over this refreshed drink, have you ever given a thought of the various benefits we can reap from a single cup of coffee? If not, its time to gaze over these heavenly benefits

A higher amount of screen time -- which may involve gaming, or watching TV -- before bedtime may not have a direct impact on young people's mental health, contrary to popular belief, scientists say.