Postures is not good only for your back or neck but it also helps in taking proper breathe and increases concentration and thinking ability.

Do you remember when Hermione from Harry Potter was Petrified on the date of the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Well, what if I tell you humans in real life also can get petrified or actually turn into a stone. You won't believe me right? But it's true!

The sleep and dreaming researcher Rosalind Cartwright believes that dreams simply reflect life events that are important to the dreamer.

Human height depends on several factors but mostly they are genetic and non-genetic factors. Few more include environmental and nutritional factors.

According to a recent study our date of birth may actually affect our personality traits, such as being introvert or extrovert. This study was published in journal under comprehensive psychology. The time that we are born is astrologically significant as it tells us who we are and why we’re here?

If you are one of those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and love to choose your diet cautiously, you should include these types of foods in your diet for a healthy life. So lets get started with these extra-ordinary foods which are full of nutritional value.

Besides its cooling effect on the body, 'sattu' also helps people with gastric problem, as per ancient scripts of Ayurveda. It also aids fat and weight loss,is excellent for strong sexual health and is a natural colon cleanser as it is high in insoluble fibre that makes it good for your intestines. Its low  glycaemic index makes it good for diabetic patients.

In summers people love to swim and swimming in itself is a pretty much good workout but what if we tell you some health benefits you get while you are having fun in water filled pools.