hindi diwas

Hindi is one language that binds everyone together in the country. So, on this special day, the social media was flooded with posts celebrating Hindi Diwas.

Amit Shah said India's linguistic diversity is its strength as well as a symbol of unity and the new education policy provides for parallel development of Hindi and other Indian languages.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 every year to celebrate the language and to commemorate the event when it was adopted as one of the official languages of India.

"The unity in diversity is a promise that we made when we made India into a Republic. Now, no Shah, Sultan or Samrat must renege on that promise. We respect all languages, but our mother language will always be Tamil," he said in a video.

However, the ruling BJP batted for learning it just like Kannada and appealed to the people of the state not to treat it as imposition of a language.

As a language, Hindi not only commands respect, but is also widely spoken; its popularity is sustained by Hindi cinema as well. The language has other variants as well, like Awadhi, Braj and Khadi Boli.It means emotions to the people who speak Hind.

Lucknow: September 14 is celebrated is Hindi Diwas across the nation as on this day in the year 1949 Devanagari script was adopted as the official language, under the Article 343. Hindi is a mother tongue of India and this language is written in Devanagari script. Above 250 millions people in India speak this language, …