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There Are, however, various individuals who are under-weight and look on to certain tips that can help them in increasing their weight. In case you are one of them...

Organised by the World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation, this week is a celebration of both homeopaths and those who have been healed with homeopathy. 

Summers bring with it a good time as you can get out of those boring sweaters and switch on to skirts and jumpsuits. The hot summer sun, however, doesn’t show any mercy and dries out everything in its way, hair included.

The nine-day Navratri fasting is the best time to lose weight and detox your body. People from the northern and western India are gearing up for the 9 day Navratri celebration.

"Dive into a bowl of cool and fresh fruits like oranges, berries, kiwi and lots more. Add a pinch of black salt and a cup of any juice of your choice. Sprinkling chaat masala and few drops of lime juice is all that your taste bud needs."

 If you feel that using just lemon juice can be harsh on your skin, combine it with  cucumber juice and rose water.  The lemon juice will work to remove the tan while the cucumber and rose water will soothe burnt and blemished skin.

Lucknow: “If you have dreams, Jio will support you at every step of the way,” and this has turned into reality for Gaurav Kumar hailing from Mirzapur, who have won a luxury apartment by playing ‘Jio Play Along’ contest during the Indian Premiere League 2018. Jio has gifted Gaurav a 1BHK flat by Palava in …

High in vitamin C and phytochemicals, the seeds can be used for lowering bad cholesterol. It is available in the form of oil in  markets, which can be used as a flavouring agent or simply for its pleasant smell. Orange seeds are not poisonous when swallowed as they contain very minute amounts of cyanide, and thanks to our body as it has the ability to detoxify small amounts of cyanide. These seeds are pushed out from your body when you defecate.