With most parts of Jharkhand recording deficit rainfall, the state government has instructed departments to be prepared for a drought, if the current trend continues.

The maximum of these decades-old buildings are in Maharashtra (8), followed by Assam (3), according to Human Resource Development Ministry officials.

The two are from Kandahar and Helmand provinces in Afghanistan and smuggled the drugs into the country via the Attari-Wagah border between India and Pakistan, they said.

US President Donald Trump had on Monday claimed that Prime Minister Modi had asked him to play the role of a mediator on Kashmir.

Trump's offer to mediate on the Kashmir issue came as he met Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House where the two leaders discussed a host of issues.

The Indian government has denied President Trump's astonishing claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate.

The Rs 976 crore worth mission will inject the 3,850-kg Chandrayaan-2 into Earth orbit, about 16 minutes later, marking the first phase of the ambitious mission that will take about 48 days to land on the moon surface.

'Chandrayaan-2' launch was initially scheduled for July 14, 2019, with the landing expected on September 6, 2019. However, due to a technical glitch in its most powerful rocket GSLV-Mk-III, dubbed ‘Baahubali’, the launch was aborted  56 minutes and 24 seconds before lift-off on July 15. ISRO, on July 18, announced a new time of launch i.e. July 22, 2019 at 02:43 pm.