Officials aware of the matter shared the information on condition of anonymity, saying that Pakistan is setting up surface to air missile sites in Ghulam Kashmir (PoK) with the help of China.

UAE carriers Emirates Airline and low-cost Flydubai said Wednesday they had cancelled flights to Baghdad for "operational reasons" after Iran fired ballistic missiles on bases housing US troops.

The United States tested a medium-range ballistic missile on Thursday, the second test in four months of an offensive missile that would have been banned by a US-Russia arms treaty that Washington exited in August.

Pakistan on Monday conducted a successful test launch of a surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of delivering all types of warheads up to 650 kilometres, the military announced.

On Saturday, the country successfully conducted the first night trial of nuclear-capable intermediate-range ballistic missile Agni-II from the Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast.

North Korea warned Monday it would not "sit idle" if any attempt is made at the UN Security Council to raise the subject of its "self-defensive measures," an apparent reference to its recent missile tests.

 North Korea confirmed Thursday it tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, calling it a significant achievement in its efforts to contain external threats and bolster its military power.

President Donald Trump has brushed off the bellicose language accompanying North Korea's latest short-range missile test, saying it referred to ally South Korea, not the United States.