Want to know what will happen today and whether your stars are in your favour or not?. Here have a sneak peek on what your day is going to be like. 

Everybody is curious to know what will happen today and what they have to face today. Here is your daily horoscope so that you prepare yourself beforehand.

Once in your lifetime you would have been asked this question 'If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?' Now you would have thought about various superpowers right? Well, I'll tell you your superpower according to your zodiac sign.

We all live in a world where on one hand we are fond of some things and on the other we fear few things. A lot of people say they do not fear anything in this world but that's not true.

Lucknow: Avoid sharing your personal and confidential matters with your colleagues at your workplace. Expected financial gains might get delayed which might keep you stressed. Also, your work might get hamper due to bad health of your spouse. Spend some time with your friends to refresh your mood. Pices: You’ll be zooming along at a wonderfully …

Day will start on a good note and you will feel energetic. At work, you will enjoy a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Also, you will get the support of your superiors. Marital life will be joyous and peaceful. Younger siblings will help you in completing your pending work. Partnership in business will be highly beneficial. If your business is related to property dealing then chances are high of getting huge profit. Love life will suffer due to bad health of your lover.

You will gain respect and monetary benefits at your workplace. Also, increase in income will keep you happy. If you are travelling then take extra care of your luggage. Help and support of your spouse will level up your spirits. You are likely to attend a religious or social function. Avoid taking any rash decision in your personal life. Problems are indicated in your love life. Don’t give into unnecessary demand of your lover. Outdoor activities will benefit you. Health demands special attention.

Aries (March 21 to April 20): Problems are indicated in your personal life. So, be careful with your words and don’t act against the interest of your family Relationship with spouse might get strained even over small issue. Day might be bit tiring due to your hectic schedule. Not a favorable day for big investment. …