Why is ISI chief in Kabul? Afghan politician says 'to stop Mullah Baradar'

Pakistan ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed said ‘everything will be okay’ as he landed in Kabul on Saturday for a discussion on the new government in Afghanistan.

Published on: 5 Sep 2021 7:26 AM GMT
Pakistan ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed said ‘everything will be okay’

Pakistan ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed said ‘everything will be okay’ 

Pakistan ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed's visit to Kabul coinciding with the Taliban's subsequent announcement that they will take some more time to announce the new government has raised many eyebrows on Saturday. Pakistan media reported that the ISI chief was invited by the Taliban leadership to discuss the soon-to-be-formed government.

Pakistan ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed

"Issues relating to Pak-Afghan security, economy, and other matters will be taken up with the Taliban leadership," Pakistan media reported. "Don't worry everything will be ok," ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed said as he landed in Kabul.

However, insiders said that the visit was to push for the Haqqani group in the government. For the last few days, hectic negotiations were going on between the Taliban leadership and the Haqqani network over the formation of the government.

"From what I am hearing, DG of ISI has come into Kabul to make sure Baradar does not lead this government and the Haqqani does. There are a lot of disagreements amongst the Taliban factions and Baradar has called all his men off of attacking Panjshir," Afghan politician Mariam Solaimankhil tweeted on Saturday. If this is to be believed, the internal fighting over who will get prominence in the government is not only delaying the announcement but is also increasing the chance of the anti-Taliban forces to win against the Taliban.

The Taliban were scheduled to announce the formation of the new government under Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on Friday. It was postponed to Saturday. And now it has been postponed for a few days, Taliban spokesperson said. They are finetuning their broad-based and inclusive administration to make it acceptable to the international community, he said explaining the delay.

It has already been announced that Baradar will lead the government while Siruajuddin Haqqani, the leader of the Haqqani network, will be included in the government.

Baradar, the co-founder of the Taliban, was arrested in Pakistan by the ISI and hence he is believed to be disapproving of the ISI influence and the ISI chief is in Kabul to fix that, reports said.

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