Hyderabad Devotee Embarks on Spiritual journey to Ayodhya, Carrying Golden Footwear for Lord Rama

Published on: 8 Jan 2024 8:39 AM GMT
Hyderabad Devotee Embarks on Spiritual journey to Ayodhya, Carrying Golden Footwear for Lord Rama

Hyderabad: Driven by unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and a deep-seated desire to fulfill his father's dream of being a 'Karsevak,' a 64-year-old individual from Hyderabad has initiated a pilgrimage towards Ayodhya, carrying golden sandals as an offering to the revered deity.

Challa Srinivas Shastri is traversing the Ayodhya-Rameshwaram route, retracing the path Lord Rama undertook during his 'vanavas' (exile). Shastri aims to touch all consecrated Shiva Lingas established by Lord Rama along the route, commencing his journey on July 20.

An 8,000-Kilometer Odyssey

Having already covered significant locations such as Puri in Odisha, Trimbak in Maharashtra, and Dwarka in Gujarat, Shastri plans to cover approximately 8,000 kilometers on foot. Upon reaching Ayodhya, he intends to present the golden sandals to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Inspired by Father's Karseva

Shastri shared, "My father actively participated in Karseva in Ayodhya. He was a devoted follower of Lord Hanuman and wished for the construction of the Rama Temple in Ayodhya. Since he is no more, I have decided to fulfill his wish." Shastri has contributed five silver bricks to the Ram Temple after the Supreme Court's 2019 verdict. Now, he is carrying golden sandals made from 'panch dhatu' (five metals).

Current Location and Future Plans

Shastri, accompanied by five others, is presently in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, with hopes to reach his destination in about ten days. Covering 30 to 50 kilometers daily, he estimates the value of the items he is carrying to be around 65 lakh rupees. Shastri plans to settle permanently in Ayodhya and build a house there.

Notably, one of Shastri's sons, Challa Pavan Kumar, is India's first blade runner, having won numerous medals. Shastri, who previously worked as a sound engineer in film studios, is resolute in his mission to express his devotion to Lord Rama through this extraordinary journey.



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