'Work from wedding': Video of groom with laptop at mandap goes viral; netizens say 'That's Epic'

Sitting on a couch on the other side of the wedding hall, the Maharashtrian bride is seen laughing out loud as the camera panned to show her.

Published on: 25 July 2021 7:35 AM GMT
Work from wedding: Video of groom with laptop at mandap goes viral; netizens say Thats Epic

Work from Wedding

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has majorly slowed down the fast-paced lifestyle of people. With strict lockdown in place, everyone in the country has been advised to stay back home and resort to social distancing to curb the spread of the contagious virus. Companies have been asked to shut down while remote working from home has been highly recommended. Amidst this, an Indian groom has taken 'work from home' to a whole new level. This Maharashtrian groom appears to be a complete workaholic who gives utmost importance to his professional commitments, even prioritizing them over his wedding day.

'Work from wedding':

We have stumbled upon a funny short video of a man who can be seen working on his laptop on the day of his wedding. The video begins with the groom sitting at the wedding mandap with his laptop device. He is engulfed in working while his relatives are busy doing the preparations of the marriage rituals. Soon after, the camera pans towards the bride who laughs hilariously sitting on a couch. In the end, the groom finally hands over the laptop to someone else to kick-start his wedding rituals. The hilarious video was shared on a wedding social media page namely, Dulhaniyaa. "Work from home nah….Its work from wedding," read the caption of the reel.

Watch the video here

As soon as the video surfaced on the photo-sharing applications, netizens went bonkers over it. While some hailed it as 'epic', others began implying their own funny anecdote on the video. A user said, "When your boss is your ex and you didn't tell her you getting married! THAT!", another began schooling the groom for learning the importance of work-life balance. They wrote, "Marriage is important part of life because it appears once in a lifetime...not your pathetic regular office work one day you'll leave that job or get fired." With mixed reactions, this unique 'Work from Wedding' clip has amassed a thunderous response on social media.

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