WhatsApp Privacy Policy is No Longer Mandatory

Following the introduction of a new update, it has been revealed that WhatsApp will no longer need its users to approve the company's data privacy policy.

Ankit Awasthi
Published on: 29 Aug 2021 11:21 AM GMT
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WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy in early 2021, which is still making headlines today, according to the company. A section of this policy discussed the exchange of data between WhatsApp and Facebook. WhatsApp had made it obligatory for users to agree to the new policy, which had enraged the company that operated the network. Following the introduction of a new update, it has been revealed that WhatsApp will no longer need its users to approve the company's data privacy policy.

The WhatsApp Privacy Policy is No Longer Mandatory

The website WABetaInfo, which offers information on WhatsApp upgrades and features, said that users would now be able to choose whether or not to accept privacy rules in a recent report. Rather than just accepting a new policy, users will be presented with an additional option to reject it. Despite this, the user will still be able to use all of the app's functions. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has previously said that individuals who do not agree with the new policy would only be able to use restricted services.

According to the article, the new change is only applicable to those who use WhatsApp for personal communications. WhatsApp users who want to send messages to corporate accounts on the messaging app will have to accept and approve new terms of service that will be implemented soon. Users who do not want to communicate with business accounts do not have to be concerned, as previously stated.

An image provided by the company depicts how sending messages to business accounts would prompt users to agree to the terms of service and see the message in question. The text of the message would be as follows: "WhatsApp's regulations and privacy policies were recently modified. Businesses may communicate with one another using Facebook's secure service. In order to communicate with the businesses, you must review and approve WhatsApp notifications."

Those using the Facebook family's messaging platform will be presented with two choices, with just one of them being chosen by default. 'Not Now' and 'Review' choices will be available to business accounts when they receive a communication from a third-party provider. After the upgrade is released, WhatsApp users will be able to reject privacy settings across all platforms. There will be no change for users who have previously agreed to the new guidelines.

Recently, the Indian government issued new information technology regulations, which will take effect in the second quarter of 2021 and will be enforced nationwide. Despite this, WhatsApp has filed a complaint with the Delhi High Court, claiming that the new restrictions violate its terms and conditions. The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Central government this week, asking for a response to be submitted. WhatsApp is not prepared to jeopardize its users' privacy or end-to-end encryption.

For the time being, this upgrade will provide respite to individuals who use WhatsApp for personal purposes. WhatsApp is competing with Telegram, a competitor service that gained popularity after the privacy policy controversy. Telegram users have been drawn in by a variety of interesting features.

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Ankit Awasthi

Ankit Awasthi

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