Twitter Gets Recorded Spaces, NFTs, and more

It will also be possible to tip favored artists via the use of bitcoins, which will be available on the site.

Ankit Awasthi
Published on: 26 Sep 2021 10:05 AM GMT
Twitter Gets Recorded Spaces, NFTs, and more

Twitter (PC: Social Media)

Twitter, the popular microblogging site, has added several new features that will be beneficial to both authors and regular users. In addition, significant changes can be seen in tweet character limitations, with users soon to be allowed to tweet in a maximum of 280 characters. It will also be possible to tip favored artists via the use of bitcoins, which will be available on the site. In addition, the business is attempting to provide additional income possibilities for artists.

Tweet limit increased

Twitter may increase the number of characters allowed in tweets to increase conversions on the site. Users were given the chance to express themselves in just 140 characters at the time of the Twitter debut. However, the restriction was subsequently raised to 280 characters, which is more than twice the previous limit. It has now been discovered that this character restriction may be extended even further by taking into consideration the requirement for customers who have lengthy conversions.

The news came from an official tweet

In an official press release, Twitter's Head of Consumer Product, Kavyon Beykpour, announced that the company has made certain adjustments. "We believe that Twitter has the potential to become an online platform where people may debate a variety of problems. This is the direction in which we are moving. He said that the company's goal is to make Twitter simpler and better for everyone and that the current character limitations may be altered as a result.

Threads for long tweets

Users were given the option of sending tweets in threads around four and a half years ago when Twitter introduced the feature. When posting lengthy messages to Twitter, users must create threads to avoid exceeding the character limit of the tweet. This feature makes it simple to participate in a Twitter discussion. Long postings in threads, on the other hand, must be written in many sections, and the new modification will make the process more efficient.

New privacy tools

Users will be able to control and modify their social space on Twitter thanks to the introduction of new 'social privacy' capabilities. Users will be able to choose whether they want to keep their accounts private or if they want them to be made public using these options. The ability to privately and discretely hide the list of followers and tweets that they enjoy will also be available to users shortly. In addition, the platform may provide the option of recording spaces.

Community feature

Twitter has started a worldwide test of a new feature called Communities, which is still in beta. Users will be able to share tweets with others who are interested in them, similar to how Facebook Groups work. The functionality is now being tested with iPhone and Twitter site users, and it will be available for Android users shortly as well. Based on the comments obtained during testing, it will be included in the final stable version of the application.

Ankit Awasthi

Ankit Awasthi

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