Jugaad !!! Innovative way to peddle alcohol in Bihar

Published by August 10, 2016 | 11:44 am

The viral image

Lucknow: ‘Picture speaks louder than the words’, will be an apt quote for the image which is breaking the internet these days. Please do not be mistaken it for a photograph of some ‘Fidayeen ‘ squad what is depicted in this picture.

in the picture you can see a squad of liquor enthusiasts hiding their consignment beneath their clothes which they are smuggling from adjacent Uttar Pradesh state into Bihar which is under prohibition these days.

Newstrack.com does not confirm the veracity of this image but the condition of guzzlers in the dry state of Bihar can be analyzed from it.

The prohibition in Bihar was imposed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after he assumed the charges of state chief in the last Vidhan Sabha election.
The prohibition came in to force in April last and ever since the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Bihar. The neighbouring state of UP proved for them a heaven from where the guzzlers of Bihar peddling liquor into Bihar. One such gang was caught by the authorities which is here for everyone to see.

Guzzlers Beware: Soda is hazardous for health. Do you agree?
The Bihar government since May last had imprisoned 4,933 people which included both consumers and illegal manufacturers. About 1.17 crore ‘promise papers’ have been submitted by school students, after making their parents promise not to consume alcohol, reported The Wire.

Nitish Kumar, one more than one occasion, has challenged UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to impose prohibition in his state as well. Irrespective of pollitical rhetoric , the UP has emerged as the gainer from ban on alcohal in Bihar as the sale of liquor in the border districts have been on a new high since April last. Not only the smuggling, but the Bihar residents are coming to Uttar Pradesh to solemnise marriages and other functions due to availability of liquor.

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