‘Reheat’ your Pizza with this hack

There are some simple hacks to reheat it so that it retains its taste.

‘Reheat’ your Pizza with this hack

Pizza is still left? But it’s not tasty? You are at a right place.We know leftover, cold pizza does not taste as good with the crust, sauce and cheese hardening. But turns out, there are some simple hacks to reheat it so that it retains its taste.

Experts from Domino’s Australia revealed that it is best to reheat pizza slices on a dry frying pan (without oil) or in an oven set to a low temperature, reported Daily Mail. For reheating in the oven, place the slices about an inch apart from each other on a baking tray with grease-proof paper. Toast on low heat until the cheese begins to soften.

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Some tricks to reheat Leftover Pizza:

  1. In a microwave

According to Domino’s experts, you can also reheat each slice in a microwave with a half-full glass of water, for about 45 seconds. The water sucks in the moisture that would have otherwise been absorbed by the dough. You can also make fresh pizza in a mug or try a “desi” version of it.

  1. In a waffle iron

In an Instagram video, they showed how to reheat pizza slice in a waffle iron. Heating it in the waffle iron for about two minutes would make the slice crispy and give it a waffle-like texture.

  1. In a jaffle iron

You can also heat the slice in jaffle iron or sandwich iron to make a pizza sandwich. Put the pizza slice in the sandwich iron, close it and heat for about a minute.

So,which hack you are going to apply?

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