PM Narendra Modi takes a dig at Pakistan in his Independece Day address


Published on 15 Aug 2016 2:00 AM GMT

PM Narendra Modi takes a dig at Pakistan in his Independece Day address
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New Delhi: Taking a dig at Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday in his speech said, 'some nations are indulged in glorifying terrorism'.

"Every Indian cried when innocent children were gunned down by terrorists in Peshawar of Pakistan. But look at the other side, there is an effort to glorify terror," Modi said, referring to the assassination of 132 children in an army school in December 2014.

"I am grateful to the citizens of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) for thanking me in the last few days," the PM said in his Independence Day address from the Red Fort.

Excerpts from his address:

Remembers freedom fighters:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishes Indians on the occasion.
  • This is a Sankalp (pledge) Parv.
  • There is a sacrifice of freedom fighters who fought for the Independence of country behind this Independent India.
  • Revolutionaries sacrificed their youth for the Swaraj (independence).
  • India is not just 70 years old but it is the journey of taking the nation forward after the colonial rule.
  • Sardar Patel worked for the unity of India post Independence.
  • Every Indian was dedicated for the Independence of India.

Good Governance:

  • It is our duty to change Swaraj into Suraj (good governance) and for this we have to move forward with determination.
  • Everyone of us will have to work together for the nation for Surajya (good governance).
  • We should not forget that our capability to solve any problem.
  • Today the government is loaded with the burden of expectation which is the sign that government is doing good work.
  • This increases the pace of government for the country.
  • The onus is one 125 crore people of India to change Surajya into Swarj.
  • I will not talk about the work being done by our government today.
  • I will talk about the work culture of this government as it is the right of every Indian citizen to know about it.
  • Responsibility and accountability should be in the veins of government.
  • The governance should be sensitive towards every issue.


  • We have been able to change the work culture by taking the things on cloud.
  • People are getting appointments online, there no long ques in hospital and every single document is available on one click.
  • I can say that getting 15,000 railway tickets in a minute is possible.
  • The middle class is very much scared of income tax and I pledge to change this.
  • To take refund of the income tax one has to run from pillar to post but we have changed this by making everything online and now one can get the refund in two-three weeks.
  • Transparency in the government is paramount.
  • Now people can get their passport made in a couple of weeks.
  • The governance should be efficient to do work and this government has provided more than 1.75 crores passport in this short tenure.
  • I want to change the live of common man and I am committed for it.


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For middle class:

  • Today we have linked Aadhar Card from every governmental scheme to provide direct benefit to the citizens.
  • We have linked 70 crore people with Aadhar.
  • We gave 4 crore new domestic LPG gas connections to people in 60 weeks.
  • I bow to Indians for giving me the chance to serve this nation.
  • More then 10,000 villages have been electrified and the people there would be watching this programme live on their television sets.
  • We introduced LED bulbs and these are very small changes which will take the nation forward.
  • More than 13 crore such bulbs have been distributed and 77 crores bulbs are to be distributed.
  • It will save 20,000 mega watt electricity. With these we can contribute towards our nature.
  • We are dependent on other nations for petroleum, gas and other natural resources.


  • The inflation rate had passed 10 per cent but this government brought it down to 6 per cent.
  • The government is working with Reserve Bank Of India to keep a balance between 'Inflation and Growth'.
  • How can the country forget sacrifice of Sikhs and spiritual leaders like Guru Govind Singh ji.

Farming issues:

  • We are encouraging the farmers to produce lentils.
  • Our farmers have the capability to produce gold from this soil, thus we have introduced schemes like Soil health card and others.
  • More than 70 per cent of the irrigation schemes were not working and we have worked to revive them.
  • I thank Indian scientists for making solar pumps possible in India.
  • We have given impetus to 'per drop,more crop' initiative.
  • Lack of fertilizer is a history now.
  • The government has given importance to the identity of county not for the identity of political group.

Government working on 'Substance':

  • We are stressing on substance instead of symbolism.
  • The government has given importance to the work done by former government and this is our work culture.
  • I review the projects every month personally.
  • Halting scheme is a crime. We believe in last man delivery.
  • We paid over 95 per cent dues of cane farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Who is unaware of the coal scams done in the past but we did not let it happen.

Global economy:

  • Every country is inter connected and inter dependent.
  • We have to stand work according to the global economy.


  • We have started schemes like Indradhanush, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and others for women of India.
  • Every Indian women is capable of curbing poverty from India, thus their empowerment is very necessary.
  • We gave 'One Rank One Pension' to our soldiers and brought a smile on the families of our soldiers who live for India.
  • The government has sorted out the issue of India-Bangladesh border.
  • Real Estate bill has been introduced for middle class families.



  • There is no place for violence and atrocities in India.
  • India will never compromise with national security.
  • Urges youth who joined terrorism or other violent outfits to come back to India for their parents and country.
  • Let us fight together against poverty as 'Unity in Diversity' is the whole essence of our civilization.
  • I invite neighboring countries to fight against poverty.
  • I want to express my gratitude for the people of Balochistan and Gilgit.
  • Ends his speech with 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai', 'Vande Mataram'.

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