PM Modi gives ultimatum to declare undisclosed income


Published on 26 Jun 2016 5:24 AM GMT

PM Modi gives ultimatum to declare undisclosed income
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, in his 21st edition of talk show--Mann Ki Baat, gave ultimatum to people for declaring their undisclosed income by September 30th.

Citing an example of one Chandrakant Kulkarni, who is a resident of Pune, Prime Minister said if a common man like Kulkarni, whose only source of income is his pension of Rs 16,000, can donate Rs 5,000 for cleanliness movement then there is no place for people indulged in tax evasion in this country.

"The government is giving a last chance to all for declaring their undisclosed income by September 30 and contribute in the development of India," said Modi.

Congratulated scientists

  • Indian scientists are making the country proud in the entire world.
  • New generations should take interest in science and technology.
  • Yesterday, I was in Pune and congratulated the students who designed the 'academic' satellites which were recently launched by ISRO.
  • Students of Satyabhama university also did the same and it made my chest swelled with pride.
  • These students deserve applauds.
  • Congratulated ISRO scientists for breaking their own record and flying 20 satellites at one go.
  • Many countries are now coming to ISRO for satellite launch.

Applauded Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiative is doing very well.
  • First batch of women fighter pilots has joined Indian Air Force on June 18 last.
  • Congratulated all three women fighter pilots.

World Yoga Day:

  • Celebrated the world Yoga Day on June 21 last successfully.
  • Projection of Yoga Asanas on the building of UN has made every India proud.
  • Twitter celebrated the World Yoga day with an emoji, a huge recognition to India.
  • Yoga has the power to unite the world.
  • Swati Srivastava from Reeva of Madhya Pradesh asked me to advertise Yoga on Doordarshan, which can make every Indian disease free.
  • I share every Asana on my twitter account.
  • There are many channels in the world who telecast Yoga every time.
  • Let us share our school of thoughts on Yoga.

Yoga Fights Diabetes:

  • Can we run a dedicated campaign to eradicate Diabetes through Yoga.
  • Use #YogaFightsDiabetes to share you experience of fighting this disease.


  • People mock and criticize my programme 'Mann Ki Baat' which is a sign of democracy.
  • Remembers June 25, the day of Emergency.

Two years of this government in Centre:

  • Youths advised me to publicly evaluate the completion of two years of this government at the Centre.
  • Over three lakh people evaluated the works done by government and I thank them all.
  • People from the rural areas are also coming forward and are using the technology in the best way.

Undisclosed income:

  • The government has given a chance to people to declare their undisclosed income by September 30.
  • The government will not probe into the sources of their income.
  • This will make the government more transparent.
  • There are only 1.5 lakh in the country whose taxable income in above Rs 50 lakh and this cannot be digested.
  • We have to change this situation before September 30.
  • The government is giving a last chance to such people.
  • Chandrakant Kulkarni, a resident of Pune, gets a pension of Rs 16,000 per month donates Rs 5,000 for the 'Swacchata Abhiyan'.
  • He has given us 52 undated cheques for this movement thus, there is no place for people who do not pay tax in India.

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