Super Teachers: I am Malala, Super 30, ₹1" and Khan

Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by Taliban terrorists in Swat Valley of Pakistan, needs no introduction today.

Updated on: 25 Jan 2022 8:27 AM GMT
Super Teachers: I am Malala, Super 30, ₹1 and Khan

India's Super Teacher: I am Malala, Super 30, ₹1" and Khan (Social Media)

Best Teachers: Malala Yousafzai, Anand Kumar, RK Srivastava and Khan Sir need no introduction today, all of them are famous for their social work and unique academics. Let's know about them why all these are famous.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, who was shot dead by Taliban terrorists in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. Today, Malala Yousafzai needs no introduction. Malala Yousafzai, who boldly fighted for girls' education in Pakistan, won the Nobel Prize at the youngest age.

Now another achievement has been added to Malala's name. The United Nations (UN) has declared Malala Yousafzai as the most famous and popular teenager in the world.

Malala was given a special tribute at the UNESCO Headquarters. This fight of Malala further strengthened the fight for child education rights and women's education rights going on around the world. The United Nations (UN), referring to Malala in its report, called the education of girls all over the world essential.

Khan Sir

Khan sir from Patna, the capital of Bihar, has gained recognition for his style of teaching all over the country. YouTube India has also included Khan Sir in the list of Top-10 Creators 2020 in the country. It was informed by tweeting on behalf of YouTube India. Khan Sir has been ranked 8th in India as a YouTube Creator which is a major achievement.

Khan sir joined YouTube in 2019. Now a YouTube channel with more than 9 million subscribers has become. Khan Sir's YouTube channel is named as Khan GS Research Center on YouTube where he has more than 300 videos on his channel so far. People became his fans Users have been seen praising the teacher's way of teaching, even IPS Arun Bothra has shared his video with his Twitter handle.

Along with the video, Arun Bothra wrote that 'if I had found such a teacher, I would have topped UPSC', the biggest thing is that they tell all things in a very desi style. Perhaps this is the reason why people have become a fan of this teacher's style of teaching.

Super30's Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar, a teacher living in Patna district of Bihar, is a famous name among engineering students not only in India but all over the world. His 'Super 30' program is world famous. Under this, they select 30 such hard working students for IIT-JEE, who are from very poor family. So far, 422 out of 480 students who have taught them have become IITians. From the popularity of Anand Kumar, you can guess from this that apart from the biopic film on him, Discovery Channel has also made a documentary on him.

RK Srivastava:

RK Srivastava, a teacher living in Rohtas district of the state, is a popular name among engineering students not only in India but all over the world. His '1 Rupee Guru Dakshina' program is world famous. Under this, they kept economically poor students with 1 rupee Guru Dakshina and engineered them. The popularity of RK Srivastava can be gauged from the fact that the President of the country Ramnath Kovind has praised the economically poor students for their contribution in nation building by engineering them for Rs.1. His way of magically teaching mathematics is excellent. With just one rupee, Guru Dakshina teaches the students. Hundreds of economically poor students, including IITs, NITs, BCECE, have given wings to their dreams by sending them to prestigious institutions of the country.

Bihar's RK Srivastava: Mathematics guru Fame RK Srivastava has created history by proving the Pythagoras Theorem in more than 50 different ways without stopping in the classroom program. For this, his name has also been recorded in the World Book of Records London. Mathematics guru Fame RK Srivastava, who engineered hundreds of helpless poor students and gave wings to their dreams, created history by proving the Pythagoras Theorem in the classroom program in more than 50 different ways.

RK Srivastava is a role model for thousands of students. RK Srivastava is always in the spotlight for his academic style, whether it is the Wonder Kids program or the students for taking self-study by taking an oath in front of the fire or the night classes campaign being run by him.

RK Srivastava has given free education to the students for 12 consecutive hours throughout the night, more than 450 classes. For this, his name has also been recorded in India Book Records. Apart from free education, 50 books are distributed free of cost to 50 poor students by his mother's hands every year. Let me tell you that RK Srivastava of Bihar has given wings to his dreams by getting hundreds of poor people. Enrolled in prestigious institutions of the country including IIT, NIT, BCECE. 540 students have been made engineers.

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