Celebration Turned Chaos: Pune Woman Takes Drastic Step After Husband's Gift Blunder!

Wife Takes Husband's Life After He Fails to Give Birthday and Anniversary Gifts

Published on: 25 Nov 2023 11:27 AM GMT
Celebration Turned Chaos: Pune Woman Takes Drastic Step After Husbands Gift Blunder!

Pune: The failure to take his wife to Dubai on her birthday and the omission of a gift on their anniversary proved costly for a man, as his enraged wife took his life. The incident occurred in Pune district, Maharashtra, where a 38-year-old real estate developer named Nikhil Khanna was fatally assaulted by his wife.

The police revealed that Renuka, the wife, had her birthday on September 18. She wished to celebrate it in Dubai, but Nikhil did not take her. Subsequently, on November 5, it was their wedding anniversary, and Renuka was expecting a gift, which Nikhil did not provide.

A few days later, Renuka wanted to go to Delhi for a relative's birthday, but Nikhil did not agree to that either. An intense argument ensued on these issues on November 24, leading to Renuka striking Nikhil on the nose in anger. This resulted in bleeding, and shortly after, Nikhil lost consciousness.

Neighbors informed the police, who promptly took Nikhil to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The police are investigating whether the fatal blow was delivered by a punch or some other object. The autopsy will reveal the exact cause of death. The wife has been taken into custody, and a case under Section 302 (murder) has been registered against her.



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