Quit Smoking! It's Now or Never

Quitting smoking can improve one's health, wealth and quality life, Here are some benefits and hacks listed below to quit smoking!

Vinay Singh
Published on: 9 April 2021 12:54 PM GMT
Quit Smoking! Its Now or Never

Quit Smoking! (Source- metrosaga.com)

As human beings, we all are addicted to adopting one or another habit, good or bad. Adopting these habits have many reasons like inclination toward that particular habit, influenced by surrounding elements, peer pressure, and sometimes show off is the main reason. Having these habits, good or bad, depending on their nature, they can make us or break us.

While inculcating good habits come with multiple benefits; picking up vices, on the other hand, can have some severe repercussions for both your mental and physical health and well-being. Tobacco dependency is one such vice which becomes difficult to shake off.

Smoking cigarettes is the top risk factor for lung cancer and can lead to a myriad of health issues including lung infections, throat irritations, blood clots, heart diseases, etc.

"Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients, and when lit, generate more than 7,000 chemicals which are not only poisonous but can also lead to several complications and damage that can last for years".

Moreover, smoking not only affects the smoker but also indirectly affects the health of a non-smoker who's around you by way of second-hand smoke. It's time you kick the butt for good.It is only a myth that you can never quit smoking. You only need some willpower and motivation to ditch this vice and start enjoying a happy and healthy life once again. You may be surprised to know that once you quit smoking, your body begins to repair itself.

If you are a smoker looking for inspiration to quit, you have come to the right place.Do read this article and apply it to your daily life, it can be helpful for you!

Quitting smoking can improve one's health, wealth and quality life, Here are some benefits and hacks listed below to quit smoking-

Benefits of quitting smoking

After 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate, and blood pressure drops

At 12 hours– Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal

At one to nine months- Coughing and shortness of breathing decrease due to better lung functioning.

Over the first year of quitting, sense of smell and taste return

At two to five years– Stroke risk can fall to that of a non-smoker

At ten years– The risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of an active smoker.


When you quit smoking, it not only improves your health; but also leads to a fatter wallet. Simply put the money you save when you quit, and the amount can surprisingly be huge.

Source- swedish.org


Quitting smoking can lead to a substantial improvement in the quality of your life along with improved immunity. Imagine, you will no longer have to deal with bad breath or smelly clothes.

Source- no-smoke.org

You will also no longer have to excuse yourself and leave social occasions intermittently just to have a smoke break. Additionally, quitting cigarettes will make you indulge in all types of physical activities. Your sense of taste and smell will improve, you will experience better vision and hearing capability.


Did you know that your smoking habit can cause gum disease, end in loss of teeth, promote cavities ,and even cause oral cancer? Once you quit smoking, you'll be ready to witness an improvement in your overall oral health along with the fresher breath. Further, your skin is going to be ready to 'breathe' more easily and appear fresher and smoother. Quitting also means delaying the looks of wrinkles as your skin because it'll now receive more nutrients, including oxygen.


The biggest advantage when you quit smoking is that it helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases considerably. Upon quitting smoking, the incidence and progression of lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema are hugely reduced


It can be hard for people to ditch cigarettes because of the addictive effects of nicotine.

But it's never too late to quit smoking.

There are many ways that have been proven effective to help people break bad habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Best hacks ever to quit smoking, easy steps to follow-

Make The Decision To Quit, BUILD YOUR WILLPOWER

Source- metrosaga.com

There are many challenges when you are trying to fight addiction. Cigarettes are very tempting. They make you think that you need them to relax and calm yourself.

However, smoking is only slowly damaging your body. Quitting requires strong willpower.

Train your brain to stop seeking cigarettes. Always think about its bad effects and remind yourself that quitting is the best decision.


Source- thehansindia.com

As you try to improve your willpower, one way to boost your focus on other things and help you ignore cigarettes is meditation. This approach promotes mindfulness and fights stress, according to Bulletproof.

Focus On Your Diet

Simple changes in your daily meals can help you quit smoking. Add crunchy vegetables, peanuts ,and fresh fruits to your diet.

Source- endocrinologyadvisor.com

Let People Know

Tell people that you're trying to quit smoking, their support play a major role in quitting

Quitting smoking can be easier with someone's support. Choose people who you think will be helpful. Tell them your plan and how they can help.

Try Other Supplements

Source- seekinghealth.com

If fruits and veggies did not work, some supplements can help avoid cigarettes. Glutathione and 5-HTP are the two common supplements used to treat the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

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