Laziness- An Enemy of Action

Laziness is different for different people, first you need to identify what is laziness and what is it meant to you. For some it's a lack of interest in things, while for others it's tiredness, feeling low or a sense of being disconnected.

Vinay Singh
Published on: 9 April 2021 12:59 PM GMT
Laziness- An Enemy of Action

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Laziness is different for different people, first you need to identify what is laziness and what is it meant to you. For some it's a lack of interest in things, while for others it's tiredness, feeling low or a sense of being disconnected.The truth is that laziness is something that's still not fully understood, but this doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to feel less lazy.

It is important to identify what laziness is, sometimes what we ignore as laziness require some serious medical attention.

In this article, you'll know how to overcome laziness and what causes laziness!!

What causes laziness?

Feeling of laziness may be caused by many things, like –

– Personality or lifestyle cause of laziness

– Physical cause of laziness

– Psychological cause of laziness

Getting more deep into it –

Personality or Lifestyle causes of Laziness

Is your lifestyle to blame for your laziness? Identify what habit of yours making you feel lazy or unmotivated all the time. Identify whether the reason is lack of good sleep or consuming a lot of alcohol or a poor diet !

If you suspect lack of good sleep for your laziness, why not to start a good sleep routine ? Go early to bed, avoid using phones before going to bed, make a good sleep routine and follow it.

If you thing consuming a lot of alcohol may be to blame, try cutting back on how much you drink.

Physical cause of Laziness

Tiredness caused by some medical conditions may be the reason behind the feeling of your laziness. Some medical condition which may result in feeling of laziness are –



Chronic fatigue


Sleep apnoea



Psychological causes of Laziness

Read it and understand the psychology of laziness-

The laziness mechanism turns on when our subconscious mind begins to classify the work or job at hand as a useless, resource and time wasting undertaking, even if the person knowingly understands the importance and the need to perform the job.

Source- onliecsp

This may be caused by following reasons-

• Fear of responsibility and accountability – Most times, many are unwilling to work because they afraid of being held accountable for the outcome of a particular operation and establishes them to be lazy.

• Fear of Expectations – Some people intentionally establishes themselves as lazy so as to prevent others from having high expectations for them.

• Depression- Depressed people are usually unwilling to do work because of loss of hope and lack of courage

• Addiction to Pleasure and Leisure- People who like taking abundant time for relaxation and enjoyment tend to be lazier.

• Living a dependent live- Living with everyday desire of nurture and expectation from somebody or the govt. Can make one lose his/her self will and abilities which make some people lazy.

How to overcome laziness?

Laziness happens to all of us. Sometimes we don't feel like to do anything, to work, or to study. It's easier to chill and relax, have fun, and enjoy. But what if it becomes your habit? It starts to destroy your goal, your passion.

When it becomes your habit, you didn't like to do anything which is actually a bad habit. You can overcome laziness by exchanging bad habits with good habits.

Being lazy totally makes you unproductive. Some ideas are listed below to overcome the laziness.-

Are you experiencing laziness in the study ?


Laziness in studies is common, it happens to most of the students. When you watch some motivational video or read motivational quotes for students you get charged up.

After that, you Start to study having the thought in the mind that you'll finish a chapter today, after few minutes not hours, so after few minutes you get back to the same position i.e. laziness. Aren't you?

How to overcome this study laziness ?

Follow these steps, it can be helpful for you !!

– Study for at least one hour daily

-Skip the chapter which is boring or making you feel lazier, omit that chapter for other time.

--Reward yourself after studying regular one hour

-Eat something you like

--If you want to continue after an hour of study, take a 15-20 min break, play games or eat or walk or do whatever you want to do.

– Make it your habit for doing this regularly for 21 days.

Effective ways to overcome Laziness-

• Make a to-do list- Always make a to-do list before starting your end or by the end of the day for the next morning. Shortlist the things that you like to do and the things that you have to do. Put the most important task first.

• Do exercise for at least 30 min a day- We all are aware of the benefits of exercise. Exercise keeps our mind healthy, improves blood circulation and remove stress. Exercise keep us mentally and physically energetic.


•Set up your Goals- The major cause of laziness is the lack of goals. When you don't have goals or vision in your life, you think you have nothing to do. You may feel that you are useless.So, Goal setting is an essential step to overcome laziness. When you'll have goals, you will try to achieve them. You will have a burning desire and you will work hard to achieve your goals.

Source- pitmanroaringtimes

• Reward Yourself- Appreciating yourself is the important thing in overcoming Laziness. Reward yourself after completing your one task.

Source- due

• Find Your Interests- What are you interested in, is important thing in overcoming laziness.Choose the things or task that you are interested in. The mentors say to avoid the things in which you are not interested. The more chances of your success are when you'll choose your goal based on your interest.Such as, If you have an interest in computers then why are going in the field of Construction. Stop pushing yourself in the jobs in which you're not interested.

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