Shocking! This girl has ruined reel and real life of Kapil Sharma

Sakshi Chaturvedi
Published on: 10 April 2018 9:36 AM GMT
Shocking! This girl has ruined reel and real life of Kapil Sharma

Mumbai: The stand-up comedian, who once made audience laugh, has now forgot how to smile. Yes! We are talking about Kapil Sharma, the one who got famous with intense hard work and dedication towards his craft.

The are many rumours roaming around about his personal and professional life. This all started after his fight with his co-star 'Dr Mashoor Gulati' aka Sunil Grover. Forgetting all his issues with Sunil, Kapil tried again and again to join hands with Sunil and start afresh, but, unfortunately he failed to manage that bonding again. He also tried his luck on Silver screen by acting in the movie 'Firangi' but he yet again faced defeat.

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Well, somehow he managed all his downfall, raised above all his negativities and started his third comedy show 'Family Time with Kapil'. Unfortunately, his luck did not work here too. He started losing TRPs and love of audience.

Frustrated by his sudden fall, he started behaving weird, not only in his personal life but on public platform too.

But, is his downfall the only reason for his frustration, depression or his violent activities on public platform? We guess, no!

Last week, Kapil started abusing people on Twitter and also went into an abusive conversation with one of the senior journalists and filed case against the agency.

Kapil also stated then this all happened because of his former managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes.

Preeti Simoes is also an former girlfriend of Kapil Sharma.

After the entire scene, that took place in Kapil's life, one of his closest friends (Rajiv Dhingra) made shocking revelations against the actor.

Dhingra stated that the main reason behind Kapil's depression is his former girlfriend Preeti.

Preeti did all this because she was jealous of Ginni (Kapil's present girlfriend) whom the actor introduced to the world and promised to marry her.

Rajiv stated, "Preeti is only responsible for Kapil's downfall and she did not stop here, in fact, she tried to provoke Kapil against me."

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As soon as, she learnt that Kapil will soon marry Ginni, she decided to spoil Kapil's career. Interestingly, all the downfall faced by Kapil took place within the last year after the break-up of Kapil and Preeti.

Rajiv also stated that Kapil is an emotional person and Preeti took his advantage and threatened to ruin Kapil's name in the industry if he did not obey her commands.

Keeping her side, Preeti said that this all happened in Kapil's life because of his present girlfriend Ginni.

She stated:

When I was with him, he was doing all well.

The downfall came only when we separated.

Kapil also went into depression after coming into relationship with Ginni.

Well, Kapil's condition seems quite complicated. We pray for him to get well soon and come back and make audience laugh like he has been doing for years :).

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