Selena Gomez breaks up with Taylor Swift!

Shobhit Kalra
Published on: 22 Dec 2016 10:19 AM GMT
Selena Gomez breaks up with Taylor Swift!
Shocking! Selena Gomez breaks up with Taylor Swift!

Los Angeles: To everyone's shock, once beasties – Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift – have parted ways!

The two have been among best of friends since long and their people in Hollywood take pledges of their friendship. But in a shocking occurrence, Selena Gomez had to break up with Taylor Swift after being advised by her counselors that their friendship is toxic for her.

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Informing about the same, a source said, "Since Selena came back from rehab, she has been maintaining a distance with Swift as the latter had a bad influence on her life."

"Swift, however, is making all attempts to keep her best friend with her, but seems like the rehab sessions have helped Gomez make her mind to stay away from all bad influences she had in life," added the source.

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Selena is currently in contact of only those who have a positive influence on her life and has completely sidelined Taylor.

Unfortunately, it would have struck thousands of fans of the two singers badly because they used to spread a positive vibe everywhere they went together.

Have a glimpse of their friendship in the pictures in next slides:

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