Anup Soni completes 1000 episodes as anchor on TV show Crime Patrol

Samarth Srivastava
Published on: 17 Aug 2016 9:22 PM GMT
Anup Soni completes 1000 episodes as anchor on TV show Crime Patrol

Lucknow: On the completion of thousand episodes of his hosting stint on Sony TV’s one of the popular shows, Crime Patrol, Television star Anup Soni arrived in the Uttar Pradesh capital on Wednesday to celebrate the feat.

When asked about his successful long relation with the show, Soni said that he got inspired from a beautiful quote that he read in a book during his struggling days. The lines read, “To achieve success in life, one has to forget all his past luxuries and struggle till the end."

Anup Soni is a part of the show since Jan 2010.

While sharing his experiences of the prominent show Crime Patrol, he said, “Crime Patrol is just not a matter of TRP for but it is connected to me personally and emotionally. I feel myself fortunate enough to be a part of this show for such a long time."

What Anup Soni said?

  • Natural acting is the criteria which I've followed throughout my acting career.
  • Feedbacks are always welcomed; positive ones motivate us and negative ones help us to improve.
  • Aim of the show is not to highlight the positive side of Police but to create awareness amongst common people, of day-to -day crimes happening in the country.
  • Nobody becomes criminal by following any kind of crime shows or television daily soaps, instead it naturally develops inside him/her.

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