Massive organ transplant racket busted in Rajasthan

Police investigation has revealed that they used to take huge amount of money and get only blank papers signed by the patient, his family members and the donor.

Bhoomi Goyal
Published on: 18 April 2024 1:28 PM GMT
Massive organ transplant racket busted in Rajasthan

Police in Rajasthan have busted a massive organ transplant racket. The kidney racket had deep roots in the medical department and private hospital. Brokers used to bring patients and donors and get organ transplants done without any paperwork. Police investigation has revealed that they used to take huge amount of money and get only blank papers signed by the patient, his family members and the donor. After this he was directly taken to the operation theater of the private hospital. 16 days after the organ transplant racket was exposed, the Medical Education Department finally lodged an FIR in Jawahar Nagar police station on Wednesday. This has been revealed in this report.

This FIR has been lodged against broker Murtaza Ansari and Fortis Hospital administration and its doctors under sections 420, 419, 471, 120B of IPC. There is no mention of the Human Organ and Tissue Transplantation Act 1994. The department has given permission to investigate only the cases of fraud and making of fake documents. In the report, the department has admitted that organ procurement was going on indiscriminately in Jaipur. There is no relation between the patient and the donor, nor did they know each other. The donor and the patient were only made to sign blank papers and were taken directly to the operation theatre. Based on the report sent by Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph to the government after the preliminary investigation of Malviya Nagar ACP Aditya Poonia in Gurugram, Dr. Rashmi Gupta, the appropriate authority for organ transplant, lodged an FIR. Jaipur Commissionerate Police was also waiting for a long time for FIR to be registered to take action against the gang. Now Jaipur Commissionerate Police will have to conduct an impartial investigation and take action by exposing all the people involved in the organ trafficking racket.

The Rajasthan ACB had exposed the case of issuing 800 fake NOCs for organ transplant in three years in the name of SMS Hospital Committee. After this, the Haryana Chief Minister's Flying Squad, Health Department and Gurugram Police raided a guest house in Gurugram on April 4 and exposed the case of organ transplantation in Jaipur's Fortis Hospital after organ buying and selling.

Magazine first:

After exposing the cases of corruption and fraudulent procurement of organs by ACB and Gurugram Police in the matter of organ transplant, Rajasthan Patrika continuously published news against the racket and was the first to raise the issue of filing an FIR with the police. In an interview with Medical Minister Gajendra Singh Khinvsar, the magazine had also raised a question about not registering an FIR.

Investigation handed over to ACP, special team formed after elections:

The investigation of the case has been handed over to ACP Gandhi Nagar. A special team will be formed after the elections.

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