Raksha Bandhan: Two famous teachers of Bihar, one made a record and the other's painful letter is going viral

Khan sir from Patna and RK Srivastava, who teaches in ₹ 1, does not need any introduction.

Published on: 13 Aug 2022 11:36 AM GMT
Raksha Bandhan: Two famous teachers of Bihar, one made a record and the others painful letter is going viral

Khan sir from Patna and RK Srivastava, who teaches in ₹ 1, does not need any introduction. On the day of Rakshabandhan, Khan sir made a world record, on the other hand, the painful letters of RK Srivastava are very inspiring and give a new direction to today's young generation. has worked.

The youth said that there is no competition between Khan sir and RK Srivastava.

Khan sir of Patna is not interested in any identity. The students are impressed by his teaching style and struggling life. Khan sir's dominance is seen on the internet media. Students from every corner of Bihar come to study from him. Khan sir is also known for his impeccable independence. The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated all over the country. On this occasion, Khan sir made very special arrangements for his students. A crowd of girls gathered to tie rakhi to the head. Khan sir also arranged 90 types of dishes for them. Khan sir's Rakshabandhan is becoming quite viral.

Mathematics guru RK Srivastava's pain in a special article:

Today on the day of Raksha bandhan, the lack of elder brother was seen in the eyes of sisters.

At the age of five, the sorrow of losing the father was not even erased from both heart and mind that the only elder brother like father also left this world. We don't even remember my father's face, but when I think about it while sleeping at night, it looks like a blurry blur. My elder brother never let us feel the shortcomings of my father. They would provide us all the necessary things, copy-books, toys, etc., beyond their capacity, which would have been needed and demanded by us. After the passing of father, brother's age was to jump to play. But when sorrow and responsibility should come in whose court all this is hidden in the trough of time. Especially loved us the most at home. Brother loved our five sisters very much. After the passing of the father, the brother also performed the responsibility of the marriage of the sisters very well and beyond his capacity, married all the sisters in a happy family. Talking to all the sisters on the phone almost every day, they do not sleep till they do not ask their well-being. My brother's daily conversation with sisters had become part of his daily life routine. He always wanted to see all the sisters happy. I always try that brother I can give so much love to my sisters. Today, while tying Rakhi, along with happiness in the eyes of the sisters, the lack of brother was clearly visible. My brother's dream was to make him a capable person by writing and writing. Brother's hobby was that I should do a government job, but on the contrary, I never thought of doing a government job. Due to which there was a lot of tension in the house. Didi would call brother-in-law and say that he is not listening to me, no one is filling the government form.

Brother-in-law and sister would explain to us but I would stick to my dream that I should not do any government job. I have to help poor children as a teacher in education, whose benefit should also be given to the last rung children. As long as my brother like father is alive on this land, no matter how hard I work, but I do not get success according to hard work. Will know

But no one moves in front of the wheel of time. Even today we remember that day when even after working hard day and night, the result does not suit us. This continued for many years. Because all this I wanted to show my brother that I am getting a place in the hearts of those family and people by serving the poor financially in education. Well, the family gets a lot of happiness, in whose entire family there is no engineer far and wide, but the first child left poverty far behind and became an engineer.

But after all my efforts, we would have received the blessings of the family of those successful children, but no one could reach this message to far-flung places. Under this message, more children could have got the benefit of education, that was my thinking.

The cycle of time continued like this one day due to ill health of father like brother, he gave up his life in order to take him from Bikramganj to Patna via Ara. I can never forget that day. That day felt that all my dreams, my world were all over. what do I do now. The marriage of three nieces from above, making the nephew a capable person by reading and writing, all these started revolving in my mind and mind. Eyes would be filled with tears while sleeping at night, but to whom would I cry because the nephew would cry alone after hiding from the niece so that they would not break, comfort them that I am the son, I will not let any trouble happen to you in my life. There was a lot of sadness in the house.

But time is such a cycle that after every darkness there is definitely light. And in my second life, the blessings of all the sisters including mother, sister-in-law started getting in the form of a power. Due to which I started getting strong again after breaking up. Broken dreams started again. My family started recovering again. Started working hard again like before or many times more than that.

I was completely broken due to lack of brother but sisters continue to do the work of giving us strength on the strength of their blessings and courage. She would always explain to us that the blessings of father, brother will always be on all of us family. Today, with his blessings, you are continuously progressing in education.

I really feel that today my brother wherever he is, but his blessings are with the whole family. With the blessings of my brother, the discussion of my name has started in other states including Bihar. In the last years, all the media started taking the work being done by me in education. State level and national media all the work done by me started getting a place.

I would like to say that father, brother, the blessings of all give me a lot of strength that no matter what the circumstances, I should not give up. Because those who do not give up, do not win.

To all those children, I want to give a message to Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava today that respect your sisters. Even after your busyness, take out time and talk to them with love. Daughters are really the angels of the father, if sisters miss the father, then as a brother, they must fulfill the duty of both father and brother.

Father is that precious diamond which cannot be explained in words. As long as he is in front of us, you will not realize so much how important he is to us, but after losing him, it comes to know that after all how precious is the importance of father in our life. Give maximum time to your parents. They will not ask anything from you, but your two words of love will increase their age manifold.



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