Stir in Pakistan Politics; Imran Khan to sell ‘twin Island’ to China

China has occupied the land of Pakistan island. The opposition parties of Pakistan are saying that they will not allow PM Imran Khan to sell their property.

Pakistan China Relations

Pakistan China Relations (PC: Social Media)

New Delhi: China had shown Pakistan the dream of development in the name of economic corridor, but now it has started slowly occupying the land of Pakistan. But Pakistan is so involved in doing enmity with India and don’t want to see anything.

China occupied Pakistan’s land:

The issue of handing over two islands to China in Pakistan has heated up. Imran government is the target of opposition parties and people. The people of the neighboring country are strongly opposing this move of the government. Opposition parties and several organizations have announced that they will not let the two islands sell at any cost.

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Pakistan opposition parties in anger:

Pakistan’s Imran government has decided to give the Twin Islands of Sindh province to China. These islands belong to Dingi and Bhundar. Imran Khan’s government has brought a Presidential Ordinance to control the Sindh islands. Now after this, the Imran government strongly opposed in Sindh. On 11 October, there was a tremendous protest against Imran’s government in Sindh.

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Imaran Khan selling islands to China:

For the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the government of Imran has decided to give these two islands in South Karachi to China. These islands are very important from the strategic point of view and are spread over the long coastline of Sindh province.

The President of Pakistan Arif Alvi has also signed the bill given through the Pakistan Island Development Authority.

A political storm struck Sindh and Baluchistan after the passage of the bill. Sindh province ruled by the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari targeted the Imran government. They described it as illegal capture. The Jio Sindhi Thinkers Forum says that they will not let their land sell at any cost.

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