Russia flaunts its military strength at 'Army 2019' Defense Exhibition

The Russian International military-technical forum 'ARMY 2019' took place in the Patriotic Park, near Kubinka, Russia, from the 25 to 30 June 2019.

Saima Siddiqui
Published on: 19 July 2019 11:11 AM GMT
Russia flaunts its military strength at Army 2019 Defense Exhibition

Moscow/Russia: Successfully completing its 5th anniversary of International Military Technical Forum (IMTF) and Defense Exhibition 'ARMY', Russia has proved its status as one of the leading expositions of armaments and hardware in the world.

The Russian International military-technical forum 'ARMY 2019' took place in the Patriotic Park, near Kubinka, Russia, from the 25 to 30 June 2019.

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The forum is organized and fully supported by the Russian Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and combines the exhibition and dynamic demonstration of military equipment capabilities with extensive congress program and strong participation of international audience represented by foreign exhibitors, delegations and visitors.

This platform has become interesting as it works as a show-window of achievements of the Russian military industrial complex and provides a works as a form for new business partners among representatives of the foreign states. It is also a prestigious platform for discussing the development and strengthening international military and technical cooperation, which lets one get:

Wide space for building strategic cooperation

Talkin about the opportunities of building strategic cooperation the general director of a joint-stock company Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev said the forum 'ARMY-2019' has made remarkable contributions to developing his company on the international arms market and military equipment. He also said that it not only aimed to conduct the negotiations with the representatives of partners, to organize detailed presentations but also to make major contracts and also to form strategic plan of cooperation.

The main trend of the international arms market is to rise partner’s interest for making own defense industry. Rosoboronexport had already implemented a number of military projects and is well known in India, Jordan, Southeastern Asia, the Near East, North Africa and Latin America.

Here you can find new partners and investors

The official part of the forum 'ARMY-2019' has been quite successful. The 46 government contracts for the combat aircraft totaling over 1 trillion Russian rubbles were signed by the day. Also there were signed big contracts for navy.

The forum 'ARMY-2019' is not only for Russian representatives of the military–industrial complex. It’s also for their foreign colleagues. They have shown many military projects, which might be interesting for customers and investors. For example, representatives of Turkish Foreign Trade Company 'Turaç Dış Ticaret Ltd.' participated this year for the first time. The official company representative, Sevinc Askarova was convinced that the forum 'ARMY-2019' could help to find new clients and partners for ammo sales in the international arena.

Furthermore, China’s sales-managers of the 'Jighua Group' are searching for new sources of financing. One of them introduced himself in Russian manner as 'Vassiliy', another in European style as 'Jason'. They said that the forum provides immense possibilities of searching new clients for contributing their items (for example, anti-freezing electric military jackets or anti-rotting water canteens).

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An Indian welcome and big future plans for 2020

The DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) specialists from India were most interesting persons on the Forum. The director of Directorate of DRDO Public Interface, Manish Bhardwaj said that Russia is a very important partner for India. Both of the countries have a strategic partnership. They are trusted friends. And India participates very regularly in Russian’s Army events.

Manish Bhardwaj also talked about the exhibitions saying that, "here we can see newest defense prototypes for army, navy and air forces. All is made by Indian government organizations, which consists of ordnance factory board, Goa shipyard and garment limited. DRDO is looking for a partnership and collaborate activities with countries whom can be associated with India to join our programme."

It is to be mentioned that India has its own military-technical forum named 'DEFEXPO'. Giving an insight on the matter, the head of India delegation told media that "Indian and Russian companies of the defense industry share more than four decades of priory negotiations. It forms the strategic partnership between Moscow and Delhi and that’s why as India took part in 'ARMY', Russian specialists will join for next 'DEFEXPO' to take place in February 2020.

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