Man Arrested in Gujarat for Spying for Pakistan

If you see something, say something. By working together, we can help to keep our country safe.

Gobind Arora
Published on: 10 May 2024 6:13 AM GMT


A man working for a DRDO contractor has been arrested in Bharuch, Gujarat for allegedly sharing classified information about the Indian Armed Forces with a Pakistani intelligence operative. The accused, Pravin Mishra, was reportedly tricked by a Pakistani spy posing as a woman online.

Deception Through Social Media

According to reports, Mishra was approached by a woman named Sonal Garg on social media. Garg, who is believed to be a Pakistani intelligence operative, cultivated a relationship with Mishra and eventually convinced him to share sensitive information. The information Mishra shared reportedly included details about drones manufactured by DRDO.

Malware Attempt and Wider Investigation

In addition to classified information, the Pakistani operative also reportedly tried to install malware on Mishra's computer. This malware could have been used to steal even more sensitive data or to gain access to Mishra's computer systems.

Following Mishra's arrest, Indian authorities have launched a wider investigation to determine the extent of the espionage ring and to identify any other Indian officials who may have been compromised. The investigation is ongoing, and no further details have been released about any potential accomplices.

National Security Concerns

Mishra's arrest highlights the dangers of social media and online interactions. Spies and other malicious actors can easily create fake profiles and use them to target unsuspecting individuals. It is important to be cautious about who you interact with online and to avoid sharing sensitive information with anyone you don't know and trust.

The case also raises concerns about the security of India's defense information. Mishra's access to classified data suggests that there may be vulnerabilities in how such information is stored and shared. The Indian government will likely review its security protocols in an effort to prevent future breaches.

Importance of Vigilance

Mishra's arrest serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance in protecting national security. Everyone has a role to play in identifying and reporting suspicious activity. If you see something, say something. By working together, we can help to keep our country safe.

Gobind Arora

Gobind Arora

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