Iraqi forces in ‘final attack’ on ISIS militants in Fallujah

Baghdad: The special forces of Iraq on Monday began a ground assault on Fallujah city as a part of an offensive carried out a week ago to retake the city from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“We are at the entrance of the city but, not inside yet. They (ISIS fighters) are constantly resisting,” said Lieutenant General Abdelwahab al-Saadi – commander of the overall operation – in a telephonic conversation.

“The operation is ongoing. Furthermore, nobody has entered the city yet,” said Colonel Steve Warren – spokesman for United States (US)-led coalition succouring Iraq in fight against the extremist group.

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  •  An estimated 50,000 civilians are trapped within the city.
  • So far, only a few hundred families could manage to escape.
  • ISIS militants are putting up fierce resistance in southern areas of the country, leading to bloodthirsty battles.
  • The Iraqi air force and international coalition jets are launching air strikes in ground troops’ support.
  • The terror group is thought to have around 1,200 combatants, the majority from the city itself.

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