Corona in China: Covid outbreak in many cities, Lockdown in Lanzhou

The outbreak of the pandemic is increasing again in China. It has increased tension in many neighbor countries.

Corona in China: Covid outbreak in many cities, Lockdown in Lanzhou
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New Delhi: The corona infection, which started from Wuhan, China, has started returning once again. New cases of corona are being reported in many provinces of China. Now news is coming that in view of the increasing number of corona infected in Lanzhou city of China, a complete lockdown has been imposed. In this city with a population of four lakhs, apart from emergency, people have been banned from leaving their homes.

Corona in China:

Six corona-infected have been reported on Tuesday in Lanzhou, a city in the North-Western province of China, after which the total number of corona patients in the entire country has increased to 29. After this, under the zero tolerance policy, the administration has announced a lockdown in the entire city. The local administration says that arrangements have been made to supply essential goods and medical facilities in Lanzhou.

Earlier on October 20, a lockdown was imposed in two northern regions of China. According to the National Health Commission of China, corona infection was confirmed in nine people here on Monday. After this the lockdown was announced here. Apart from this, nine patients were also reported in Mongolia, China.

Schools closed, flights canceled:

Schools have started being closed once again in view of the increasing corona infection in China. Apart from this, many air flights have also been canceled.

Most of these cases in China have been reported from the country's northern and northwestern provinces. The government has tightened restrictions in these areas. An elderly couple, who were part of a tourist group, is being blamed for the new cases emerging. The couple came to Sian in Gansu Province and In Mongolia. Several cases were registered during his visit. In five provinces including Beijing, such infected people have been found who came in contact with this couple.

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