Rape in UP: Seven year old Girl child raped in Shahjahanpur

The girl was only 7 year old. The accuser, crossing all limits of disgrace, put sugarcane leaves in the child’s mouth.

Rape in Uttar Pradesh(PC: Social Media)

Rape in Uttar Pradesh(PC: Social Media)

Lucknow: Even after the Nirbhaya incident, nothing has changed in the society and the country. All awareness programs have also proved waste of time and effort.

Seven year old girl child raped:

These days the state government is conducting awareness and security programs for the protection of girls, women and girls under the mission power. At the same time, a minor in Shahjahanpur was raped. The girl was only 7 year old. The accuser, crossing all limits of disgrace, put sugarcane leaves in the child’s mouth. Also made a fatal attack on delicate organs.

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Limit crossed in Shahjahanpur:

This shocking news is coming from a village in Shahjahanpur, UP. It is said that on Thursday, a seven-year-old girl playing outside the house was abducted by a teenager from the village. He did molestation with child and brutally raped her.

When the child shouted, she was beaten with sugarcane and accuser filled sugarcane leaves in the mouth. Sugarcane also inflicted fatal injuries on its fragile limbs. The accused minor, who carried out this abominable act, however, has been arrested by the police. The girl has been undergoing medical treatment last night, in which the rape and private parts have been confirmed to be hurt.

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Rape cases are not stopping in Uttar Pradesh:

Seven years old kidnapped and kidnapped a year and a half ago in Maghai Tola of ShahjahanPur Chowk Kotwali. The child was killed and the post-mortem revealed that she was raped.

Scratch marks were also found on her mouth, but when the post-mortem of the child’s body was done from the panel, there was a matter of humility. This incident has refreshed the old wound.

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