Only if PM Modi had visited Lucknow a day after!

Only if PM Modi had visited Lucknow a day after!
Sakshi Chaturvedi

Lucknow: Only few hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced several development schemes in Lucknow including  some urban development projects, the (In)efficiency of civic authorities has been exposed miserably.

The first real monsoon rains in the state capital made mockery of the tall claims of the PM and UP CM Yogi Adityanath who even bragged to showcase UP as ‘growth engine’ of the country.

It was on Sunday when PM was in Lucknow, making insurmountable promises but the Monday morning is telling a totally reversed tale and that too in the state capital. Overnight rains and the normal life in the entire city is thrown out of gear with overflowing nallas, waterlogged roads coupled with snail-paced traffic making mockery of the mockery of the claims made only few hours ago.

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What to speak of the entire city even the area around Chief Minister’s official residence at 5, Kalidas Marg is submerged in the water exposing the gross inefficiency of civic authorities .

On sunday PM Modi was made to announce the achievements of urban development schemes (Amrut, Smart City and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) in front of captains of the industries. But the pictures is just reverse to what had been claimed.

While developing the entire state, CM Yogi apparently forgot to take care of the areas around his official residence at 5, Kalidas Marg here.

The pictures of the VIP area located in front of CM Awas, Park Road, show the miserable condition of drainage system which led to water logging.

The Yogi government, since taking power in the state in 2017, has been making hi-fi promises of development and growth but the pictures of an important locality, Hazratganj, have exposed the poor functioning of the government departments.

Not many hours have passed when CM Yogi was talking about his sleepless nights for the development of each and every city of the state.

Addressing the gathering at the Ground-Breaking Ceremony on July 28, the Chief Minister stated, “We are working sleeplessly towards urban development.” To be very true, Yogi Ji, the development you are talking about would only be on the papers shown to you by your officials.

The drains were prepared in the Park Road area right before the rains arrived but interestingly, the ‘highly efficient government officials’ failed to ensure that these drains connect to the main drainage so that the roads remain clear when the heavy rains arrive.

During the campaign for the urban local body polls earlier in the year, Yogi had stated, “We have changed the situation upside down for the betterment of UP.”

The time of talkings has passed as the government has already completed over a year in power. Here comes the time of reckoning where the ruling dispensation in UP is found lacking.

In each of your public appearances, you always speak about how you and your government is working consistently for the betterment of the state but all the development seems to be only on the papers and not on the ground.

The daily schedule of the people has been affected badly in just a single day of heavy rain and the claims of development seem to be drowning in the rain water.

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The pictures clearly show that the water logging in the area is so heavy that the bonnet of the cars was almost in the water. It was almost impossible for the bikers to commute by this prominent road.

These pictures are of the Park Road, situated at a walking distance from 5, Kalidas Marg, the official residence of the CM.

Many other parts of the state capital have the same story and the people are facing too much trouble just because of the water logging which has become unavoidable in this rainy season.

We hope CM Yogi Adityanath comes across these pictures and ensures action in this regard.

Check pictures of water logging at Park Road, Hazratganj here:

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