What qualities a woman looks for in her man | Read

Saima Siddiqui
Published on: 28 Oct 2018 10:59 AM GMT
What qualities a woman looks for in her man | Read

Lucknow: In this modern world when women are more empowered and confident their role from being a supportive housewife has changed to that of a working woman. With this shift in role, an attitude change can also be seen among woman and they have become more selective when looking for a life partner.

A modern women doesn't mean she is a rebel and won't follow tradition but she is more equipped and skilled and knows how to treat others and how she is supposed to be treated.

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Being little demanding and choosy is allowed if you are making your life decision and no one should shy away from looking for certain qualities in their spouses.

Here we are listing some essential qualities every man should possess for being shortlisted as a 'The most eligible bachelor':


From our childhood we are told to inculcate honesty in our lives. Bragging and pretending to be someone else won't work for you in a long run, it's better to be true about yourself. Girls love true and honest partner whom they can trust and count.


Responsibility doesn't mean only financial responsibility, a man should be responsible in so many ways. He should take responsibility for his actions, if something goes wrong he should not blame it on others. He should also carry out his responsibilities as a family member and do justice to all the roles he plays as a son, brother, friend and a husband. Women are more attracted towards responsible man as he is more sorted out, mature and caring.


Trust is a building block of any relationship. No one would like to be stucked into a relationship where a partner is not trustworthy. A man should value his relationship and should never break his girl's trust and doubt his partner. Relationships are very fragile and it can end if you let doubts creep in.


Commitment is not just to show that you love her but it demands more than dedication. One should always assure his partner of his love, trust and honesty towards her. Girls want commitment, they want their guy to have eyes just for her, she couldn't stand him staring at other girls.


Mostly guys think that girls like ostentatious, extravagant and cocky guys, who live life king size. But in reality girls keep a miles distance from such arrogant and self-assertive boys. Girls love a real man in their lives who is modest, humble and not-pretentious. A man who is not fake and could be trusted blindly.

Loving and Caring

Who doesn't want to be loved? Love is a pure and pious feeling which makes you feel special about yourself. If a guy knows how to make his girl feel special and loved, he could steal any girl's heart. A man should reassure his girl that he is always there for her and if she ever feels low or upset about anything he should cheer her up. Girls love such guys who are emotional and sensitive enough to pick on their vibes.

Saima Siddiqui

Saima Siddiqui

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