Ways to cope up with mental illness: Speak up now or never

You never know what a person is carrying inside. It’s important to talk/speak up and find out ways to cope up with mental illness

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide news has taken the Bollywood by storm. Fans and family have been under the deepest shock and are still trying to process the news. A talented actor, charming personality and a smiling face would leave us so soon, people didn’t think of it, in their wildest dreams. Now what followed next was more saddening that actor was undergoing depression for a great period of time. He was also on pills in order to cope up with his mental illness. It’s such a sensitive issue that people just avoid to talk about it.

There are different forms of mental illness and it has always been present in our society for long. Say it a social stigma or any other thing, people don’t accept that they are going through something like this, at first place. The problem actually begins here, when we don’t open up, and hesitate to ask out for help. To make it simpler, let’s talk of some ways to cope up with mental illness

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Ways to fight back mental illness

  1.  TALK

A lot of people fail at this very point only. When you are going through something which is constantly bothering your mental peace, OPEN UP. Talk to someone or if you don’t have many friend or group of people, reach out to that one person who will do everything to get you out of this space.

       2. Work Out

When a lot is causing mess under your head, do find out some time to indulge in exercise or any type of workout you like. Exercising not only keeps you fit physically but boosts your immunity, self esteem to make you mentally sound. It will keeps us away from any suicidal or depressing thoughts.

        3. Divert Mind

When something is disturbing you a lot, do that one thing which excites you the most. Doing favorite thing keeps us away from any depressing thoughts and also, we increase our creative quotient.

         4. Music

Music can be a big time healer and it has been proven scientifically too. Listening to music for certain period of time everyday will keep you away from the negative thoughts and you will feel better.

Having said all of this, you still need to reach out/talk/ connect and constantly stay in touch with people you care about. Keep helping people if you feel symptoms of depression in them. You never know, your small act can go miles away.

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