Top 10 forbidden places on earth that no-one is allowed to visit | Read

Before taking you to the prohibited places around the world, let us tell you that these places are closed by its government for all the visitors, adventures and those who love to travel and explore.

Top 10 forbidden places on earth that no-one is allowed to visit | Read

Lucknow: All those people who love adventures, deadly rides and that feeling when Adrenalin rushes through their veins can surely enjoy themselves taking up those amazing sports but surely can’t even think of including these places into their bucket list.

Before taking you to the prohibited places around the world, let us tell you that these places are closed by its government for all the visitors, adventures and those who love to travel and explore. So, lets begin:

North Sentinel Island (India)

Sentinelese are thought to be the direct descendants from the first human who emerged from Africa and have lived on the island for more than 60000 years, with population ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred. Untouched by modern civilization, very little is known about them, their language, rituals and the island they call home. The Indian government has made it illegal to make any contact with them and established a 3 mile exclusion zone.

Snake Island (Brazil)

Almost 93 miles away from downtown São Paulo, Brazil, is Ilha da Queimada Grande, which is famously known as ‘Snake Island’. The island has been closed down for humans to avoid causalities and preserve the natural habitat that houses 2,000 to 4,000 Golden Lancehead vipers i.e about one to five deadly snakes per square meter.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway)

Also known as ‘the Noah’s Ark of plant diversity’, Global Seed Vault at Svalbard’s arctic archipelago is practically the world’s insurance policy, with 13,000 years’ worth of humanity’s agricultural history on the vault’s shelves. Shockingly, the vault is securing 1.3 billion seeds from all the countries around the world. The vault is situated on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the only inhabited island of the Svalbard archipelago that lies approximately 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) from the North Pole. Taking the security of the vault in measure the vault is built on an isolated place where no human can reach. However, tourists can visit only the exterior of the vault and click selfies in front of it.

Metro-2, Moscow (Russia)

In Moscow, there is a secret metro line under the secret name ‘D6’, built during the reign of Joseph Stalin. This complex system of underground transport communications, passes at a depth of 210 meters and it is composed of four different lines. It also connects several important governmental and administrative institutions. If rumor are to be believed the ‘metro 2’ is still functional and is used by the Presidential General Directorate of Special Programs and Ministry of Defence. And is closed for public.

Grotte De Lascaux (France)

The  famous cave of Lascaux, located near the territory of the south-western region of Perigord in France, has animal paintings, dated back to 17,000 years. The cave was discovered in 1940 by an 18 year old when his dog fell into a hole. The cave was opened for free visit ten years after its discovery. But later due to huge number of visitors, nearly 1,200 visitors per day, contributed to a change in its microclimate and carbon dioxide, heat, humidity and other contaminants produced by had visibly damaged the paintings. Fungi and lichen increasingly infested the walls and consequently, the authorities had to close the caves to the public in 1963.

Dulce Base, Mexico (US)

Popular among UFOlogists, this highly classified military base at Mount Archuleta, on the Colorado-New Mexico border, is said to be a laboratory experimenting on Human-Animals, Human-Aligns cross-breeding. Locals and law enforcement have also attested to strange and weird phenomenons in the area. As per, Schneider, a whistleblower who dedicated his life to unfold the mysteries of this spooky place said that human specimens were kept in liquid-filled capsules where the greys experimented with human DNA. Schneider said that the greys would absorb the blood of humans and cattle for sustenance. The place with many mysteries is still not accessible to human beings.

Povelgia, Northern (Italy)

Titled the world’s most haunted Island, Povelgia, has a frightening history of thousands of years and is among one of the spookiest places where no-one is allowed to roam. During the Roman Empire, Europe’s population was dying of plague and to protect the rest of the country, inflicted people were sent to Povelgia to live and die in isolation. Later, during the medieval era, when the plague again returned and killed off nearly two-thirds of Europe’s population,the sick and dying were once again sent to die on the isolated Island. It also served as a mental hospital where patients were tourtured and killed at the hands of doctors. Soon, the Island was filled with human dead bodies and got a reputation as the most haunted Island in the world. The locals call Povelgia ‘the ghost Island’.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Listed as one of the haunted places by Archaeological Survey of India, Bhangarh Fort has many stories woven around its spooky past. In view of its eerie history, ASI has restricted visitors entry to this palace. Many ASI boards could be seen along the road, warning people of not entering the place after sunset to sunrise. Following many past incidents where people went missing after ignoring the warnings and stayed in the palace long after sunset, made ASI to circulate such warnings.

Area 51, Nevada (US)

Covering nearly 23 by 25 miles (37 by 40 km), of restricted airspace, the Area 51 is hidden far in the middle of Nevada dessert. The facility is highly secured and has several warning of trespassing near its barbwire fencing. The place is speculated to be a secret American military base and is said that many mysterious experiments are carried out in the premises of this facility. However, what exactly happens in this highly secured area is still unknown to general public and no-one is allowed to enter this heavily fortified area.

Heard Island (Australia)

One of the remotest place on earth, the Heard Island hides in dense cloud for around 360 days a year. Home to two active volcanoes, the Heard Island lies between Madagascar and Australia and politically belongs to Australian government. The debris from island’s violent core and lime stone are the two major components of this land mass. To secure its fragile natural environment, the government of Australia in 1996 forbade any entry to the island.