Injured in Dehradun protest, Shaktiman gets a new leg

Published on: 18 March 2016 8:17 AM GMT
Injured in Dehradun protest, Shaktiman gets a new leg

Dehradun: 'Shaktiman', the horse whose leg was amputated after being brutally hit in Dehradun violent protest, has been given a prosthetic leg and now he can walk.

The brave animal was provided with the treatment by the team of doctors from Pune who said that it was necessary to take the step in order to avoid the poison getting spread in whole body.

Uttrakhand Police officials said that the horse will be able to walk with the help of prosthetic leg.

Uttrakhand Police Superintendent B. S. Sidhu also confirmed that the BJP party worker Pramod Bora, responsible for the disgraceful act of harming the innocent animal has been arrested in Haldwani by the officials.

Shaktiman was injured during a voilent protest by BJP leaders on 14th March and had to undergo an operation after which it was decided to remove his limb in order to save him from death.

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