Rakhi Sawant to sing bhajans on Instagram for COVID-19 patients; Says 'I cry everyday'

Rakhi Sawant has announced she'll be going live on Saturday at 7 PM where she will be singing bhajans for the better health of the people. Read on to know more.

Published on: 6 May 2021 12:41 PM GMT
Rakhi Sawant to sing bhajans on Instagram for COVID-19 patients; Says I cry everyday

The actress Rakhi Sawant has recently been in the headlines for commenting on the COVID 19 crisis. She is often seen talking to the paps about unique ways to make Coronavirus go away. In the present situation of the country where the people are immensely affected by the second wave of the COVID 19, Rakhi Sawant took to social media to express her remorse for the situation. Rakhi Sawant has been vocal about the difficult situation and she also scolded people for not wearing a mask.

Rakhi Sawant

The new video of Rakhi Sawant shows her talking to the people as she expresses the pain she feels in the present situation of the country. The Bigg Boss 14 fame shares that God loves everyone and she is specially blessed by him. Hence, she said that she will pray to God to remove COVID 19 from the lives of people and end the pain suffered by people. She promised to come live on Saturday at 7 PM and she sings bhajans and devotional songs to ward off the evil impact of Coronavirus.

She said in the video, "He mere pyare doston, mere desh ke vasiyon! Mere desh ki janta, mere parameshwar ke bacchon! Pyaare bacchon! Parameshwar aapse bahut pyaar karta hai. Aap sablog bahut acche ho. Mai roz roti hu sabke liye, roz roti hun, pray karti hun. Ye dekho"

See video here:

The actress reminded at the end of the video that she will be going live on Saturday to help to decrease the pain of the people. She said that she will pray for all the COVID 19 patients who are in India and outside also. She said that she will sing the hymns of the Almighty. She added that "Will you guys join me? Please listen to me, my God is true and he will make Covid-19 run away from your houses. I pray with a true and honest heart, he blesses me and listens to me."

The actress claimed earlier in the week that she and her family will not be affected by COVID 19 as she has Jesus' holy blood in her body and it will protect her family.

Rakhi Sawant recently become popular again after she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger. She became immensely popular for her antics including fights, drama, comedy, emotions and much more.

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