USB-C Charging Port is Coming on iPhone Next Year

As revealed by a new report, Apple could launch the iPhone 14 next year with a USB-C port instead of the company's current Lightning connector port.

Ankit Awasthi
Updated on: 23 Nov 2021 12:30 PM GMT
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While the numerous features available in the Apple iPhone allow users to have a more enjoyable experience, users have been clamoring for numerous changes for a long time. Apple iPhone models have lightning ports and lightning connectors for charging and connecting to other devices, respectively. Other devices, on the other hand, have USB-C ports that can be used for this purpose. As revealed by a new report, Apple could launch the iPhone 14 next year with a USB-C port instead of the company's current Lightning connector port.

Pro models will be the first to witness the change

According to a report by i-DropNews, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models may be equipped with USB-C charging ports for charging. If this happens, it will be one of the most significant and significant changes that Apple makes in response to customer demand. Because the iPhone 14 Pro models are equipped with a USB-C port, they can be charged using any standard USB charging cable and cable.

Better file transfer speed with USB-C port

Apple can improve the transfer speed of data by making changes to the way it connects to devices and charges their batteries. Lightning connectors are still using USB 2.0 technology, which significantly slows down the file transfer process. It is critical to have a better data transfer option in the iPhone after purchasing a powerful camera and average recording capability. iPhone models will benefit from USB 4.0 support as well as data transfer speeds ranging from 20Gbps to 40Gbps thanks to USB-C technology.

Federal Agencies are the reason behind this change

The United States government and the European Union have been putting constant pressure on Apple to provide customers with a universal mode for charging their devices. If this does not happen, Apple will be forced to pay massive damages, which the company will never agree to. With the release of the pro models in 2022 and the iPhone 15 series in 2023, Apple will be able to support USB-C ports in all of its devices to meet this demand.

Next step towards E-waste control

In the past, Apple has expressed a commitment to protecting the environment from the harm caused by e-waste. As a result, the company has discontinued the distribution of charging adapters with its models. As the next step in this direction, the decision to remove the lightning connector can now be made as well. Sales of Apple's MagSafe Chargers, on the other hand, will almost certainly suffer as a result of this. iPhones will begin to utilize universal charging technology as a result of the change in charging ports.

Wait for the official confirmation

It is too soon to tell whether or not Apple will include USB-C ports in the iPhone 14 series. This has changed, however, with the introduction of the new iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro models from Apple. Apple is concentrating its efforts on MagSafe charging technology for iPhones. According to some reports, Apple may decide to completely remove charging ports from future iPhones to promote cloud data transfer through MagSafe charging technology.

Ankit Awasthi

Ankit Awasthi

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