Reliance Jio: free bonanza bubble bursts during free trial period

Shobhit Kalra
Published on: 13 Oct 2016 10:45 AM GMT
Reliance Jio: free bonanza bubble bursts during free trial period

Lucknow: Has beta testing of Jio 4G failed ? At least over five lakh subscribers of Uttar Pradesh (east) can say that who are the most dissatisfied lot as far as the services are concerned.

Using large customer base to do testing on, the Reliance Jio has distributed free SIM cards but in few days the services are exposed. The connectivity is hardly of 4G nature, speed has gone down, SIM activation is taking weeks together while complaint redressal system is not in place-this is Jio 4G for you.

The inter-connectivity has always been an issue from the start , the claims of the company of seamless connectivity are nowhere to be matched by the performance. This is why, no rival company panicked in real sense following the policy of wait and see. "' Many customers who had deserted us are coming back after Jio 4G has failed to deliver,'' a senior official of Airtel said on the condition of anonymity.

On the top of it, the handset initially provided by the company were also not of the highest quality with lots of complaints pouring in. The frequent disconnection, specially through much-hyped connectivity of ten devices through hot spots, left customers grumbling. The company following the principle of 'no fee, no claim of service' .

Sakshi Chaturvedi, the new subscriber of 4G SIM, says all the queues outside Reliance Jio outlets are there because of free SIMs. She had to even take BSNL 3G after Jio's performance.


An official at Reliance Jio admitted that there were issues with new activation because the free SIMs distributed so far have become unmanageable.

Shobhit Kalra

Shobhit Kalra

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