BEWARE! You may not get peace of mind under Airtel Secure

BEWARE! You may not get peace of mind under Airtel Secure

BEWARE! You may not get peace of mind under Airtel Secure

Lucknow: Indian telecom giant Airtel promises peace of mind with ‘Airtel Secure’ subscription but beware customers! You may be befooled at the time of claim if you have not understood company’s long list of terms and conditions.

Company under ‘Airtel Secure’ offers handset damage protection & antivirus for postpaid customers at monthly package of Rs 499.

Consumers opt this facility to get their possession insured against any damage but the long list of terms & conditions mentioned by Airtel would not let you get the benefit under the scheme.

Company says that it will repair up to 60% of your phone value in case of ‘accidental or liquid’ damage but customers are not explained in detail what actually the term means.

Company says, “Accidental Damage means Physical or Liquid damage to the Insured Product due to drop or collision of the Insured Product or any object falling on the Insured Product, caused due to accidental external means. It is that damage which occurs due to external causes that are not under the users direct control.”

In general terms, if by any means your mobile handset falls on ground and breaks, you should be eligible for the claim but you will not be because, company has another word for it – ‘mishandling’.

Company’s official will refer it as mishandling of product and in that case you will not get the claim.

There are several customers who have complaints about being misleaded under the scheme. One Ahmad Kamal Khan from Lucknow said, “They say accidental damage is covered but if the phone slipped out of your hands and dropped on floor they say its Improper handling and rejected the claim. They are just looting Rs.99 from every postpaid customer in the name of insurance. I simply felt cheated and fooled.”

Another customer said, “It is just a dummy insurance. It has got no meaning at all. Practically they don’t entertain any claim and give stupid and illogical reasons. Don’t go for it if you have to pay for this.”

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