Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Hosting

Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Hosting: YouTube is a colossus of online video, but it is not the only online video-sharing website.

Ankit Awasthi
Published on: 15 Sep 2023 9:02 AM GMT
Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Hosting

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Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Hosting: YouTube is a colossus of online video, but it is not the only online video-sharing website. There are several YouTube competitors that provide better privacy protection, less adverts, or just a better algorithm for content discovery.

Regardless of your reasons for switching, we have researched and compiled a list of the finest YouTube alternatives available today. Note that we do not include front-end alternatives that display YouTube-hosted videos or alternative-technology platforms with potentially hazardous content.


DailyMotion has been around for nearly as long as YouTube, but the Google-backed platform rapidly surpassed it in popularity. Nonetheless, it is a viable YouTube alternative, although it does not significantly differentiate itself. It remains an advertisement-supported video hosting platform with millions of videos from both corporations and independent creators.

A few years ago, DailyMotion completely disabled comments and view counts, which is the most significant distinction. This gives it a significantly more streamlined appearance on both the web and the mobile app. Xiaomi's Mi Video app includes premium DailyMotion videos.


Vimeo is the most well-known YouTube alternative, with tonnes of fantastic material and a solid infrastructure. Learn more about how the two compare in our YouTube vs Vimeo comparison, although the differences are primarily due to how the sites are monetized. YouTube plays ads over almost all of its content (unless you pay for YouTube Premium), but Vimeo doesn't. Instead, people who want to post movies have to pay.

Yes, you read it correctly: Vimeo charges content providers rather than consumers. There is a free plan for testing the waters, but serious innovators will need to pay. Creators may then add a pay-per-view charge to their films, although most do not. As a consequence of this guideline, the site is brimming with incredibly high-quality material, typically from seasoned filmmakers. On the other hand, you won't find a lot of ridiculous cat montages or response videos here.


Twitch is the go-to option if you're more of a lover of the live feeds that are available on YouTube. Although Twitch is best known for its video game streaming, the company is now home to sections dedicated to everything from do-it-yourself streams and tabletop actual play streams to people just hanging out and chatting.

Streams are available for free with advertisements, but you can subscribe to your favourite broadcasters or give to them in order to eliminate the advertisements and help support them. Previous broadcasts may also be viewed on demand, however certain content providers may need a membership in order to use this feature. Most big streamers upload their material on YouTube, but they exclusively broadcast their live programmes on one platform.


Want to make your own YouTube channel? Peertube can help. It is an open-source, shared video storage service that offers an option to YouTube, Vimeo, and others. This means it uses peer-to-peer technology to improve speed and make a single computer less busy.

Peertube isn't the easiest to use, even if you ignore all the cool tech stuff. About 1000 platforms use the service, and 600,000 movies are already on the computers, but most people find it hard to set everything up. This one is for more serious tech people.

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Ankit Awasthi

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