Espinosa, only the fourth woman President of the General Assembly in its 73-year old history, said reform has to be the word of the day because we have to believe that the UN is an institution that wants to be better everyday to deliver better for the people we serve.

In video message, Qureshi said that he sent a formal letter to the president of the UNSC through Permanent Representative Maleha Lodhi to convene the meeting.

India's criticism of the UN's top organ came a month after getting Azhar blacklisted as a global terrorist by the the world body.

The Council's 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee is expected to meet here and the issue of Azhar's listing is likely to be considered. Sources said that the outcome of the meeting - whether UNSC permanent member China decides to lift its hold on the proposal to blacklist Azhar, paving the way for the UN to slap sanctions against him - will be known Wednesday.

UN sources told media that this is the "first time" the US, the UK and France have moved a draft resolution directly in the Security Council to designate Azhar. The previous have been listing proposals in the Sanctions Committee of the Council to designate Azhar.

The Lashkar-e-Taiba chief has been on the UNSC 1267 sanctions committee list since 2008 and had appealed against the UN decision through Lahore-based law firm 'Mirza and Mirza' in 2017, while he was still under house arrest in Pakistan.

United Nations: India has criticised the Security Council’s impotency in confronting the terrorism threat in Afghanistan, which poses dangers beyond its borders. “While new threats emerge from the IS/Daesh (Islamic State), the Security Council cannot even decide whether to designate the new leaders of Taliban(as global terrorists) or to freeze the assets of the slain leader …