Trump calls Biden ‘worst candidate’ in history of presidential politics

Trump has tested negative for Covid-19: White House doctor

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on September 26 compared US President Donald Trump to Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said his administration will not even consider changing the name of any of the 10 Army bases that are named for Confederate Army officers.

US President Donald Trump has said that countries like India and China has highest number of corona cases. These countries would have much more coronavirus cases than America.

President Donald Trump has threatened to deploy the military if the states fail to take necessary actions to "dominate the streets" and "quell" the violent protests that have spread across the country over the custodial killing of African-American George Floyd.

The US would announce "certain decisions" on China on Friday, President Donald Trump has said as he emphasised that Beijing should have stopped the coronavirus at the source.

US President Donald Trump has alleged that Twitter is "interfering" in the US election and "completely stifling" free speech, after the social media network placed a fact-checking warning on one of his tweets for the first time.