Tamil Nadu

The nearly one-minute-long clip shows the Kerala MP from Wayanad taking up the ‘push-up challenge’ while talking to the student.

Rahul Gandhi said that if we have to formulate any policy or plan for the education system, then for this we will have to negotiate with students and teachers.

As many as eleven people have died and around 30 others have been injured after a fire broke out at a firecracker factory in Tamil Nadu's Virudhunagar district on Friday, 12 February.

Modi has no respect for the culture, the language and the people of Tamil Nadu.

Some people in the village are preparing a traditional recipe 'Murukku' to celebrate the occasion. Many were seen cleaning the street and coloring the corners of the streets.

Kamal Haasan also raised questions about the construction of the new parliament building. He said that when people are losing their jobs due to Corona virus Pandemic in the country.

While meeting the press, he said, “I have decided to enter politics to bring a massive change in Tamil Nadu. This is a much-needed mission.

Along with this, heavy rains are seen in many districts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Winds are moving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.