The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has done genome sequencing of 1,008 Indians and it can help couples detect if they have any genetic issue that can imperil their offsprings, Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Friday.

On the eve of Danish microbiologist, Hans Christian Gram’s 166th birth anniversary Google honoured him with a Google doodle. Gram was a bacteriologist and was known was for inventing the Gram stain.

But have you ever wondered how memory is form and fade? Here's a surprising finding from a team of Boston College researchers, who expected recollections would become less accurate, but found people also report declines in the vibrancy and visual qualities of their memories.

The term 'Spontaneous Human Combustion' seems like it has been borrowed from Hell and it not only sounds horrible but people who have witnessed such incidents could give you information that can give you chills and nightmares for days.

The Chinese spacecraft became the first misson to land on the lunar far side also known as the dark side of the moon in January. The rover Yutu-2 then rolled off the lander to explore its surroundings.

"I think it looks very convincing," said Andrea Ghez, director of the UCLA Galactic Center Group, who wasn't part of the discovery team.

London: Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized planet outside our solar system which is expected to be temperate and could be a comfortable abode for possible life. This Earth-sized world, named Ross 128 b, is likely to have a surface temperature that may also be close to that of the Earth, according to a paper presented in …