This stardust provides evidence for a 'baby boom' of new stars that formed 7 billion years ago, contrary to the theory that star formation happens at a steady, constant rate, according to a study.

Being a mother has never been an easy job. Only if Mother's would be paid for doing this work, every mother in the world would have been a millionaire by now, am i right or am i right? What's the right age according to you for becoming a mother? 20's or 30's? Well, this girl has brought a change in the perfect age of being a mother.

An international joint research team led by National Institute for Materials Science in Japan is presently working on developing  a brain-like memory device with the help of neuromorphic network material. 

While growing up many of us must have tried self-tickling but that doesn't work the magic we experience from others tickling us. But have you ever wondered why self-tickling doesn't make you laugh?

The data from the probe, published in the journal Nature, offers clues to long-standing mysteries, including why the Sun's atmosphere, known as the corona, is hundreds of times hotter than its surface, as well as the precise origins of the solar wind.

The Punjab government on Thursday said it has decided to invite global key players for developing a life sciences park at Mohali for which the department of science, technology and environment has kick-started the process.

With the passing of time and advancement in technology, we have come across various shocking features that were once not expected. One such feature is the Artificial Intelligence most commonly known as 'AI'. 

This place has the tendency to freak the hell out of you!!! Constructed in the year 1999, this dam was not created to be what it is. If you try spilling water from a bottle, it won't flow down. It instead....