Microwaves, which are usually used to heat food, can also be used to make cakes — starting from basic mug cakes to family-sized cake to celebrate your loved ones birthday

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  It makes you happy and reduces your stress levels; eating chocolate releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone.

Try something new today, recipe by MasterChef India runner up Neha Deepak Shah is all about healthy and guilt-free eating.

The best idea is to prepare healthy and filling snacks right from the comfort of your kitchen. We all know how makhanas are extremely healthy and delicious.

Make your lunch time even more hearty. For all those who love fish, an amazing recipe that can instantly lift their mood is the good old fish fry.

Rajma, also known as Kidney Bean is much-loved by people in the country. It comes in the category of Legume.

Add some Vanilla to coffee, muffins or cakes, and the flavour just reaches a whole new level. It is a hero flavour with a beautiful fragrance that stands out on it own.

Curd, which is made with milk, sometimes doesn’t turn out creamy enough or is too runny. So if you too have been having a hard time making curd, follow these simple tips.