Enjoy this recipe if you like apples, you will definitely love the apple crumble cake by chef Kirti Bhoutika. She recently shared the recipe on her Instagram handle.

Have this energy drink every morning to increase haemoglobin, boost immunity. With minimum calories, the drink helps boost energy levels while satiating hunger pangs.

The juice contains betalains, a phytonutrient known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential for the body’s daily detox process.

This recipe from chef Kirti Bhoutika is an interesting version of all things chocolate! Called Hot Chocolate on a Stick.

Watch today's match and serve Tomato Upma along with coconut chutney and masala chai.

Bhel puri is the first on most people’s mind and definitely for a reason. The umami-inducing flavours of the vegetables, puffed rice, sev and papdi make for a perfect crunchy evening snack.

Chatpata snacks are always welcome! And it would not be wrong to say that they are the perfect munchies while cheering for your favourite IPL team.

If you are a fan of curd, you can make simple one-pot yoghurt at home. It will not only help curb your sugar cravings but also keep your gut healthy.