Neha Deepak Shah shared a recipe on Instagram for making peanut butter noodles that is not only very easy but also takes less than 15 minutes to cook.

Recently, chef Saransh Goila shared the recipe for Boondi Ka Meetha, a simple sweet dish, that can be made by the whole family together.

This recipe will definitely make up for it. Here’s a simple recipe that we came across on chef Sanjeev Kapoor‘s Instagram.

Tulsi kashayam is a homemade remedy that you can drink when you have a cough and cold. The health benefits of tulsi are numerous and you can drink this herbal tea any time of the day.

With winters knocking on our doors, what better than sarson ka saag, made with mustard saag leaves, a type of green leafy vegetable.

Here’s an interesting recipe from chef Kunal Kapur who presented everyone’s favourite dahi vada with a twist.

Keto diet is all the fad these days, and if you are looking to make it interesting while dieting, make a pizza out of it.

Make some delicious chocolate popcorn by following this recipe by former MasterChef India runner-up Neha Deepak Shah.